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08th Oct 2018

Ten Types Of People Every Single Office Should Have

Megan Cassidy

Anyone who works in an office knows that it’s like an ecosystem of its own. Rules that apply in the ‘real world’ no longer hold true, and basic creature comforts (can we please turn down the air-con) are frequently ignored.

That’s why we couldn’t live without the people we work alongside everyday who get us through the 9-5 slog in their own little ways.

Here we’ve picked out ten types of people that deserve a massive thank you for their contribution to office life.

1. The Person Who Knows Everyone’s Tea Order

“Who wants tea?” – Those three beautiful words can carry you right through that 3pm slump. While some people skulk off to the kitchen and return with one cup of tea and one arm swinging, this person always extends the tea offer to everyone AND remembers how you all take it.

It’s an invaluable skill – and one we reckon should be top of the CV.


2. The Home-Time Hero

This person will inevitably slap the laptop closed at 5:28pm, and rather than resent her early exit – we celebrate it. Why? Because it makes it okay for everyone else to leave.

No-one wants to be first up and out. Except for this office legend.


3. The Air Con Spokesperson

This person doesn’t just moan about the air con at their desk like everyone else, they take it one step further and actually go and tell someone to change the settings.

A bold and brave move. We’d like to thank the air con spokesperson for their work on the temperature front line.

Thanks Bill

4. The Netflix Expert

Netflix recommendations are always welcome, and this person has seen (and evaluated) EVERYTHING the streaming site has to offer. Their expertise saves you hours of mindless scrolling through titles while your takeaway goes cold.

AND they’re always available to chat about the latest Narcos twist on Monday morning.

Thank You Horn

5. The Person Who Always Just Gets It

Every workplace has its own… *quirks*, shall we say. There comes a time when you’ve been in an office for so long that you don’t even notice the madness anymore.

Every now and then you have a moment of clarity, when you realise that what’s happening is not normal. This person is always there to make that reassuring eye-contact that says “you’re not the one that’s crazy, everyone else is” – and we can’t thank them enough.

Eye Contact

6. The Baking Enthusiast

This is self-explanatory. We are more than happy to be the guinea pigs for five different carrot cake recipes while the baking enthusiast tries to get it juuuust right.

Combine this person with number one on the list, and you have yourself the dream team.


7. The Joker

This person always sees the funny side, and isn’t afraid to point it out. Thanks for reminding us not to sweat the small stuff.


8. The Socialite

This is the person that never fails to round up the troupes at 5pm on a Thursday for a drink or two.

No matter how much the couch and a cuppa are calling your name, you never regret the quality time you’ve spent with the gang outside the office – and you have the socialite to thank for it.


9. The DJ

A thankless job but a meaningful one, the DJ curates the Friday afternoon playlist as everyone starts to wind down. Often the subject of much judgement and criticism (Abba, Dancing Queen? Really?) – they battle on to bring us the choons.

Thank you for the music.


10. The Life-Saver

This is the person who speaks up in a meeting when you’ve been asked a question you don’t know the answer to. The person who saved the files to their hard drive when you’ve accidentally wiped your memory card. The person who just says “no problem” when you need help with something and are desperately drowning in a sea of work.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!