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26th Feb 2020

The most creative ways to propose at home this leap year

Brian Dillon

If you didn’t know already, 2020 is a leap year. You know what that means! Many marriage proposals are on the horizon.

So, ladies, it’s time to get creative!

Here are five fun and creative ways you can propose to your other half at home this year.

Hide the ring in a bowl of crisps

This is bound to catch them off guard.

You’re both on the couch, munching away on a delicious snack. Your partner is rummaging through the bowl and comes across something that doesn’t feel quite like a crisp. You know where this is going…

Our recommended snack? Sensations Poppadoms Lime and Coriander Chutney or Sensations Mango and Red Chilli Chutney.

Mango And Red Chilli Poppadom

Print out some photos from your favourite moments together and arrange them to spell ‘will you marry me?’

If you want to add the ultimate personal touch, then this is the way to go.

What better way to celebrate the time you’ve spent together than to have it right in front of you, spelling out the words ‘will you marry me?’

polaroid camera

Incorporate it into dinner

Since you’re snacking on some delicious poppadom snacks, keep the trend going and whip up a delicious Indian dish.

You’re probably wondering what the mechanic for your proposal is going to be here. That, my friend, is going to be Naan bread.

No bread is better suited to hiding an engagement ring inside. Once they pull it apart, the ring will fall out and you’re romantic proposal will kick-off.

naan bread

Do it over a board game

I BET you haven’t thought of this one. But it’s the perfect way to catch them off guard.

So here’s how you’ll do it. Your game should involve dice in some way. Because when you’re halfway through the game and it’s your turn to roll, you’re going to sneakily slip the ring into your hand and drop it onto the table with the dice.

board game - rolling dice

Create a treasure hunt

If you want to make it fun and humorous, make your soon-to-be fiancé work for it.

Come up with some rhymes and riddles incorporating inside jokes and anecdotes. Make them go to spots around the gaff to find clues and directions to the ‘treasure’.

woman looking for something at home

Once all of the excitement has settled and you’re engaged to be married (eek, so exciting, isn’t it?), you’ll want to snuggle up on the couch with some snacks and a lovely bottle of wine.

Sensations Poppadoms Lime and Coriander Chutney has a hit of zesty lime, a hint of aromatic coriander and a taste of mild chilli. Meanwhile, Mango and Red Chilli Chutney comes with the sweet spice aroma, a fruity hint of mango and a wild warmth of chilli.


The perfect pairing for this snack has to be a bottle of Insight Vineyards Dry Riesling.

perfect pairing

This wine is thirst-quenching, crisp and juicy. Featuring zesty citrus and vibrant tropical fruits, it works quite well with lime and coriander flavours as well as the sweet mango notes and the spice of chilli.