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23rd Jan 2020

We’re living for this gorgeous new affordable kitchen range

Brian Dillon

BQ kitchen

2020 not only sees the arrival of a new year but a new decade. So what better time to spruce up the gaff? That’s why we’re pretty buzzed about this new affordable kitchen range that has just been announced.

B&Q announced the range just in time for the new year, describing it as “high-quality design at an affordable price”. Sure what else do you want? In fact, it happens to be the first major launch of kitchens by the home improvement retailer in over 10 years. Now isn’t that something.

And there are a few reasons the new kitchen range is pretty unreal:

First of all, you’re getting guaranteed quality at a fairly generous price. All GoodHome kitchen cupboards and doors at B&Q come with a 25-year guarantee, you’ll be glad to hear.

You could call the range epically stylish and super innovative, for a number of reasons. For example, GoodHome Tasuke integrated cabinet lighting uses motion controls to turn lights on, off, and switch between settings.

The GoodHome romesco turns your sink into a multi-functional area with space-saving integrated accessories.

Plus, the Pebre, Budu and Pecel storage ranges make the most of unused spaces with slick new flexible storage.

midnight blue BQ kitchen

And since sustainability is at the forefront of everyone’s mind nowadays (or it should be), the kitchen ranges have been designed with this taken into consideration.

All doors and cabinets are made from recycled and sustainably sourced materials. Plus, all appliances have been designed to be as energy-efficient as possible. And the GoodHome Kora waste system makes recycling convenient and stylish (Yes, recycling can be stylish!).

But what is perhaps the most attractive thing about these kitchens is that they are all designed with simplicity in mind, making food preparation, cooking, storage, cleaning and eating as straight-forward as possible.

And that simplicity goes beyond the kitchens themselves. B&Q’s experts will help you with the whole process. With a range of flooring, tiling, paint, plumbing and sockets, they’ll look after everything to do with your kitchen’s 2020 makeover.

Now that you’re inspired, you’ll be delighted to know that they’re also offering free planning appointments that can be booked online.

To check out their impressive new range, including 25 slick kitchen designs, and to book your free appointment, head here.