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28th Jun 2017

12 Whopper Tequila Cocktails To Try This Weekend – And Where To Find Them


While gin may be the spirit du jour, we’re calling it now that tequila is going to be the next big thing in the drinks industry.

While we may be used to downing it with salt and lemon, tequila is actually a lot more versatile and is the perfect base for a tasty cocktail.

Mixologists across the country have been putting their skills to good use to create new and varied concoctions using smooth and sweet Patrón Silver tequila and lucky winners were chosen at a ceremony in Dublin earlier this week.

So which is the best tequila cocktail in Ireland? That honour went to David Kiernan of the Candlelight Bar in Malahide for his creation Sundown On 60 Hands.

Also praised by the judges were Jack Connery of Peruke and Periwig, Richie Delahoyde of VCC and Pat Thomas of Zozimus.

Fancy trying them for yourself? Here’s all you need to know…

1. Sundown On 60 Hands — Candlelight Bar, Malahide

The winner!

Created by: David Kiernan

Ingredients: 40ml vanilla infused Patrón Silver, 15ml Cinzano Bianco, 10ml Creme de Cacao, three dashes habanero bitters, cayenne cinnamon blend (rim) and blood orange soda


2. Philemon — Peruke & Periwig, Dublin

Created by: Jack Connery

Ingredients: 50ml Patrón Silver, 30mls lime juice, 25ml 2-1 honey, three slices of cucumber and 10 mint leaves

Pepper 6

3. The Happy Accident — VCC, Dublin 

Created by: Richie Delahoyde 

Ingredients: 50ml Patrón Silver, 30ml lemon juice, 20ml raspberry syrup, 15ml Jagermeister and 10ml orgeat syrup

Pepper 10

3. Jalisco Fizz — Zozimus, Dublin

Created by: Pat Thomas

Ingredients: 35ml Patrón Silver, 10ml Aperol, three dashes of chilli and grapefruit bitters, 20ml lime juice, 15ml real agave syrup, 10ml egg whites, chilled soda water and lavender scent

Pepper 14

4. I’m Bananas — Candlelight Bar, Malahide 

Created by: Dan Shanley 

Ingredients: 45ml Patrón Silver, 20ml Banana Liqueur, 20ml apple syrup, 10ml fresh ginger purée, 25ml lime, dehydrated banana crumble, rimmed glass, sprig of mint, edible flower garnish

Pepper 3

6. Mixto Gold — 5Rock, Skerries

Created by: Aaron Mulvany

Ingredients: 50ml Patrón Silver, 10ml Frangelico, 10ml salted caramel syrup, 15ml hibiscus and 20ml lime juice

Pepper 13

7. The Exchange — Skeff Late Bar, Galway

Created by: Johnathan Callaghan

Ingredients: 40ml Patrón Silver, 15ml elderflower liqueur, 20ml lime juice, 20ml simple syrup, one full egg whites, three sprays of agave and lime atomizer

Pepper 9

8. Hot Summer Love — Cliff House Ardmore

Created by: Mike Ge

Ingredients: 40ml Patrón Silver, 20ml elderflower liqueur, 20ml Rosé Belsazar Vermouth, 20ml lemon juice, 15ml grapefruit zest/Earl Grey tea infused simple syrup and 40ml egg white

9. The Forest Fire — Bricklane, Cork

Created by: Gary Fitzpleasure

Ingredients: 30ml Patrón, 15ml Violet Liqueur, 15ml Mezcal, 30ml grapefruit juice, 15ml lime juice, 15ml simple syrup, smoked with crushed cardamom in a hollowed out grapefruit

Pepper 5

10. Silver Dagger — House Limerick, Limerick

Created by: Craig Pepper

Ingredients: 60ml Patrón Silver, 20 egg whites, 15ml fresh lemon, three spoons guava syrup, one spoon yazu syrup, one dash grapefruit bitters

Pepper 1

11. Pink Sky — Gavarvogue, Sligo

Created by: Josh Stanley

Ingredients: 30ml pineapple and chilli infused Patrón Silver, 20ml Del Maguey Creme de Mescal, 20ml lemon juice, 30ml fresh pink grapefruit juice, 20ml blue agave syrup, dried basil, dried grapefruit wheel

Pepper 7

12. Mexican Summer — Blind Tiger, Sligo

Created by: Shane McCrann

Ingredients: 35ml Patrón Silver, 25ml Ophir, 20ml honey, five drops of chincona tinctures, 30ml homemade lavender syrup and 10ml pink grapefruit

Pepper 9

Prefer to keep things simple? Try out the Patronics (Patrón and tonic) at Lemon & Duke – delish!