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26th Jul 2020

Five easy ways to be more sustainable this month

Sarah Finnan


We’re almost at the end of plastic-free July which means that many of us may be paying extra attention to how eco-friendly we’re being. Not an easy task in the modern world where a lot of things seem to go against what is good for the planet.

But there are a few ways we can all ensure we’re being that little bit greener.

Sustainable lunch pots 

Lunchtime can be a tricky one as we’re likely to just grab whatever’s handiest, oftentimes forgoing a packed lunch for something storebought that comes wrapped in all kinds of packaging and plastic. The key to cutting the habit may be investing in good reusable containers. These ones from Reuzi come in two sizes and various colours and will keep your food hot or cold for up to 6 hours.

Recyclable coffee pods

If you’re a bit of a coffee fiend like me then recyclable coffee pods will be a complete game-changer. Irish company Frank & Honest has just come out with some swanky new aluminium pods that greatly reduce the product’s environmental footprint (lightweight and recyclable). They also improve the quality of the coffee as the pod is completely airtight and so keeps it fresher for longer. Better coffee and more sustainable? Music to my ears.

Ethical activewear 

Nice activewear is a surefire way to encourage me to exercise… don’t ask me to explain the logic just know that it just works. With many people now well into the swing of things when it comes to home workouts outdoor gym sessions and what have you, you may be looking to invest in some activewear to match your new routine. Organic Movement source and sell organic cotton yoga wear that is consciously grown and ethically sewn. And their stuff is pretty beaut too. I wish I could count myself amongst the #fitfam crew, but sadly, my motivation has gone missing. If found, please return to me ASAP.

Reusable masks

Face coverings and masks have become a huge part of everyday life so investing in a reusable one you like is not only recommended but very strongly encouraged. Going for a reusable one is obviously better for the planet, but it’s also usually far more stylish as there are plenty of quirky designs and patterns you can choose from. In other words, pick a mask that matches your personality. We’ve done up a list of where to find some in Dublin which you can read here. I quite enjoy this one from April and the Bear.

Keep cups

Not always an option these days due to Covid-19 concerns, and while many places are still opting against keep cups, there are a few cafes that have decided to start accepting them once again. Dublin’s Bread 41 for example who are offering a .50 cent reduction for using your reusable cups. Cheaper (always a bonus) and more sustainable.

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We are genuinely concerned about the amount of takeaway waste propagating as a result of measures we have had to put in place as a result of Coronavirus. We are fully committed to waste reduction and have been plastic free for over 2 years now, we had hoped to not be using takeaway cups by now and would have achieved our goal if not for Covid and we now find ourselves back at square one. It is important that we support taking reusable cups albeit in a safe way. As a result on Mondays from now we will be offering a .50 cent reduction for using your reusable cups and we commit to dealing with this in a safe and appropriate manner. #sustainabilitymatters #zerowasteliving #zerowastelife #sustainabilityeducation #savetheplanet #bread41dublin

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