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13th Jan 2020

Galway’s Westend cutting down on plastic with plant-based reusable bottles

Sarah Finnan

This comes in an attempt to cut down on the number of single-use plastic bottles used in the country.

Galway’s Westend has launched a corn starch plant-based reusable water bottle to combat the need for plastic bottles.

According to Drinks Industry Ireland, an estimated 183 million litres of water were bought in the Republic of Ireland in 2017 – with bottled water requiring up to 2,000 times the energy needed to produce tap water.

Hoping to help you make good on your 2020 sustainability promises, the bottle is a directive from the Westend Traders Association. Aiming to encourage traders, customers and anyone who socialises in the area to curb their plastic usage.

The association has also taken it upon themselves to install a filtered water refill station at the Train Station Gym’s reception on Munster Avenue.

Speaking on the matter, Ronan Kennedy of the Train Station said:

“We are determined to have single-use water bottles banned entirely from the gym by the end of January, and with the New Year and all the resolutions that come with it, what better time than now?”

The new plant-based water bottles, priced at €10, are available for purchase at The Train Station Gym, Massimo, Botown or Greens and Co.

The area is also part of the national campaign with businesses in the area displaying a refill sticker in their window to indicate people can refill their reusable bottles at their location.

Go on the lads.

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