Nine Irish Sustainability-Focused Instagram Accounts To Follow

By Brian Dillon

September 10, 2019 at 10:56am



Bord Gáis Energy has installed thousands of Hive Active Heating units in homes across Ireland, helping our customers improve the energy efficiency in their homes. The energy efficiency impact of this equates to over 18GWh’s of energy.

18GW’s may seem small but that is enough energy to maintain 4,285 households across the country, for an entire year.

Sustainability is becoming trendy, but it's a trend that we would like to see last eternity. We only get one planet, after all.

And one place where sustainability is being discussed at large is Instagram, which is proving to be a great place to discuss ideas and ways to live our lives in ways that are less harmful to the environment.

So, here are nine Irish Instagram accounts that are leading the way in the discussions around and promotion of sustainable lifestyles.

1. Sustainable Fashion Dublin

One of the ways sustainability is being promoted and incorporated into many of our lives is through fashion and shopping. And Ger and Taz of Sustainable Fashion Dublin are leading the way in not only teaching us how to live more sustainably through our clothes, but they also organise regular swap shops and charity shop crawls to facilitate it.


2. Tara Stewart

DJ Tara Stewart has also recently been campaigning for environmentally-friendly practices such as sustainable fashion and upcycling and even teamed up with Sustainable Fashion Dublin to host an upcycling workshop, where guests learned how to restyle old clothes.

3. Keemon

This gal is getting real about climate issues and realises how severe the situation is.

She regularly attends climate action demonstrations, and she's even hosting a post-climate action protest party on September 24, details of which you can find here.

4. Fionnuala Moran


Fionnuala Moran is another lady who understands the impact that high-street shopping can have on the environment. Earlier in the summer, she took part in a panel discussion around sustainable fashion.

Fionnuala says that after watching The True Cost, a documentary film about the impact of the global clothing industry on people and the planet, she quit 'fast fashion' last Christmas and has been shopping sustainably since.

5. Finders Keepers

This vintage shop based in Bray also recognises that there are already enough clothes in circulation, and to make more would have an unnecessarily negative impact on the environment.

They have regular sales where you can pay €25 for a bag and fill it with as much vintage bits as you want. And if you're not based in or near Bray, you can also buy some of their amazing vintage and second-hand items on Etsy and Depop.

6. Rachel Maguire


Being a design student, Rachel (or Rashiid) doesn't believe that style is defined by labels, and loves to repurpose items she already owns.

She believes that we can "see the beauty in your mum's old dress and your granny's vintage suit". And you know what, she's dead right.

7.  Spice Vintage

Based in Limerick, Spice Vintage is a fab vintage clothes shop for both men and women, and they are all about sustainability.

They are one of the most stylish vintage shops around right now, and if you're not based in Limerick, do not fret, as you can simply DM their Instagram page to make a purchase.

8. Dillon Quinn


Dillon is another entry on the list who promotes and encourages people to upcycle.

He reworks some old bits to create some truly fashionable pieces. Not only does he upcycle clothes, but he also recently upcycled a caravan.

9. Molly Parsons

If you follow Molly on Instagram, you'll know that she regularly attends climate action protests and even takes part in panel discussions on sustainable fashion at festivals such as Electric Picnic and Body & Soul.

She also hosts a podcast called Molly's Minute which often touches on topics such as sustainable fashion and eco-anxiety.

From fashion to recycling to food production, the discussion around sustainability has never been more at the forefront of discussion. To read more, check out our sustainability hub.


Energy Efficiency impact is based on 10,000+ Hive Active Heating Units and SEAI published savings figure for Entry Level Heating Controls Upgrade only with remote access.