A new online store is selling sustainable childrenswear from Irish designers

By James Fenton

August 12, 2020 at 4:38pm


Síológ is a new online retail store that sells sustainable childrenswear and lifestyle products from Irish designers.

Set up by Dublin-based Susan Grant, Síológ aims to bring together high-quality, ethically-made childrenswear and lifestyle products from a range of independent Irish brands, all in one place.

The public desire for a sustainable lifestyle is now higher than ever and Síológ aims to provide parents with the opportunity to clothe their children while doing their bit to ease pressure on the environment.

Susan, a mum of twin girls, told Lovin.ie: "As a parent, I am trying to make more sustainable choices for me and my family, including buying from local, ethical brands wherever possible.  I thought it would be great if there was a platform where parents could easily find responsibly made childrenswear and lifestyle products while also supporting independent Irish businesses.”

Síológ is the Irish word for 'seedling' and Susan chose it because it represents the "ever-growing babies and children that need constant clothing". She also points out that it evokes the natural world and the planet that she and her partner brands feel so strongly about protecting.

Identifying a gap in the market for a central source of eco-friendly and ethically made Irish childrenswear, Susan set to work on bringing together a range of quality brands that share her sustainable ethos.  


As you can see from the below pictures, Síológ's brands offer a range of stylish and comfortable garments that just happen to have the added bonus of being environmentally-friendly.

(pic credit: Annie Thompson)

Noting that Irish society has become more conscious about the importance of sustainability, Susan says: "I think consumers are really starting to understand the social and environmental impact of fast fashion and they are seeking out a more conscious alternative".

Not only does Síológ offer some high-quality clothing for your child, the store also specialises in accessories such as face masks, schoolbags, scarves, wellies, raincoats and lots more.

To keep up to date with Síológ's offering, you can follow the company on Instagram here. All of the products you can see in this article are available now at siolog.ie.


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