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02nd Mar 2020

10 places to visit before they’re rammed with tourists

Brian Dillon

Cairns Australia - places to visit before they're rammed with tourists

Looking for places to visit before they’re rammed with tourists?

Even though we’re all mad for a bit of travel this year, there are still loads of places that are waiting to be discovered.

Transylvania, Romania

Home to some of Europe’s best-preserved medieval towns, Transylvania has a heap of history, culture, food and experiences for you to discover.

Explore breathtaking castles, learn about Dracula and soak up the unique charm as you wander through the colourful streets of this Romanian region.


Kotor, Montenegro

There are occasional direct flights from Dublin to Podgorica, Montenegro. From there, you should visit Kotor, which is a 90-minute drive away (lads, it’s so worth it).

Set on the beautiful backdrop of the Adriatic Coast, the city is steeped in history, tradition and scenic views.

Take a boat tour and bask in the sun on the bay, step back in time while wandering through Stari Grad (Old Town) and Climb up to the Castle of San Giovanni for some amazing views.

Kotor, Montenegro

Riga, Latvia

In the past year, you’ve probably noticed some growth in popularity in this place. So, if you want to go before it becomes a tourist hot spot, then we would recommend doing it soon. With direct flights from Dublin, it’s fairly easy.

Riga’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so there’s loads of history and culture to experience.

Plus, you can get to the beach in 20 minutes! Jurmala, known as the ‘Pearl of Latvia’, is a 20-mile strip of white sand dotted with beach towns.

Riga, Latvia

Kathmandu, Nepal

Flying from Dublin to Kathmandu with one or two connections along the way, Nepal is an experience that you’ll be so glad you had.

Kathmandu is truly a world of its own, with sights, sounds and flavours you’ll never get anywhere else. While there’s loads of excitement to be found in the city, you’ll want to venture outside to discover activities like Himilayan White Water Rafting, Everet Scenic Flights and even Nagarkot Sunrise View and Day Hiking from Kathmandu. You’ll never experience anything like it.


Rottenburg, Germany

You’ve probably done Berlin, Munich and other popular destinations in Germany. But Rottenburg has to be on your list of German trips.

The architecture, history and of course, the food, is what will draw you here.

Explore the picturesque old town of Plönlein, relax in The Castle Gardens (Burggarten) and take a tour of the old town walls.

Rottenburg, Germany - places to visit before they're rammed with tourists

Cairns, Australia

Although Sydney, Melbourne and Perth are fantastic places, Cairns makes for one of the most relaxing (yet exciting) destinations down under.

Go snorkelling or diving at the Great Barrier Reef, adventure to the gloriously beautiful Fitzroy Island, or discover waterfalls and wildlife on a rainforest tour.

Cairns Australia

Ronda, Spain

Malaga is by no means a hidden gem. If you haven’t been to Fuengirola, Torremolinos, Benalmadena or Nerja, then you definitely know someone who has. They tend to be rammed with tourists…

But, Ronda is a spot that isn’t explored that often. The Plaza de Toros Bullring, Puente Nuevo, the El Tajo gorge and the Arab Baths give you a truly authentic Spanish experience.

Ronda, Spain

Seattle, USA

New York is class. LA is fab. But Seattle should definitely be on your list of American holiday spots.

With direct flights from Dublin, you’ll have the opportunity to see the city built on multiple levels. Experience everything from the Space Needle, the charming Pike Place Market and the Museum of Pop Culture.

Plus, there’s loads of fun to be had at the Waterfront, with amusements, a ferris wheel and absolutely loads of places to eat.

Seattle pier

Bosnia and Herzegovina

If you want adventure, interesting architecture and fascinating history, then you’ll find it here.

The country is fairly popular for day trips from Croatia, but this place is definitely worth staying for a few days.

Visit the world-famous Stari Most bridge, explore the breathtaking Kravica Waterfall or check out the war memorials, nuclear bunkers and tunnels.

Kravica Waterfall - places to visit before they're rammed with tourists

Austin, Texas

Austin is an absolute scream and should definitely be a stop-off destination when road-tripping through the US.

From Peddle Barge Cruises to walking tours to experiencing the motorsports the region is known for, there are loads to pack into a trip to Austin.

It’s a city with a busy roster of music festivals, food events and all kinds of super fun bits.

Austin, Texas - places to visit before they're rammed with tourists

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