17 Irish Restaurants Outside Dublin You Have To Visit Before You Die

You haven't lived if you haven't been to these places


We are lucky enough on this little island to have some of the best produce, chefs and locations to create wonderful dining experiences and we thought we'd put together 17 of the absolute best.

While most people think of the capital when it comes to the best restaurants this list proves that some of the best food is outside the capital. Ireland is starting to get known for it's incredible food scene and eating in any of those places will prove that.

1.Cafe Paradiso - Cork

Some of the best veggie cooking you'll eat not just in Ireland but in the world. Wonderfully inventive cooking and so good you won't even miss the meat if that is what you fancy when eating out.


2.James Street South - Belfast

Right at the heart of a wonderful new foodie scene in Ireland and a must visit when here. The room is classy, the food superb and a great dining experience all round.


3.Harry's Shack - Derry

A shack on the beach that couldn't be in a better setting. As if that wasn't enough the food is inventive, original and totally fresh. Some of the best cooking on the island.


4.The Black Pig - Kinsale Cork

A wonderful wine bar with some of the most honest cooking and wonderful atmosphere in the country. Doing the simple things well and a delight to eat here.


5.Aniar - Galway

Some of the most inventive cooking in the country using products sourced form the very best suppliers and relying on local inspiration. You won't believe how good it is until you eat there.


6.La Cucina - Catsleroy, Limerick

A small cafe that punches way above it's weight on a national level with big robust and delicious Italian food. If only there was a cafe like this on every street corner in Ireland.


7.An Port Mor - Westport Mayo

Way out West and using the best ingredients with a superb touch to thrill both locals and tourists who swarm to this marvellous little spot.


8.Cliff House Hotel - Ardmore Waterford

One of the most stunning hotels in the country which only enhance their location with some wonderful cooking. Quality bar food but for the top class fare head into the wonderful restaurant.


9.The Happy Pear - Greystones, Wicklow

2nd fully veggie spot on the list and some incredible cooking with wonderful ingredients. This spot has been mega-popular for the last few years ever since two Happy Pear bros exploded onto the national scene with books, TV shows and recipes in the media. Oh, and all those sunrise swim snaps.


10.Chez Hans & Cafe Hans - Cashel, Tipperary

Atotally unique setting and some superb food to boot. A big focus on getting the very best of ingredients and you only need to read online reviews to see how many fans this place has.


11.The Oarsman - Carrick On Shannon, Lietrim

Feels like a normal pub on the outside but when you step inside you enter a world of luxury with incredible service and some superb food.


12.The Ballymore Inn - Ballymore Eustace, Kildare

Lovely warm setting and when you get into this place you'll never want to leave. The food is big, confident and full of flavour. Make sure to come with a big appetite.


13.Out Of The Blue - Dingle, Kerry

One of the most stunning corners of Ireland jutting out into the Atlantic and in a town full of great restaurants this is a top spot. No airs and graces just superb food.


14.The Tap Room - Rathmullan House, Donegal

One of the most remote counties in Ireland and coming here is all about relaxation. The beauty of the house itself is more than matched by outstanding cooking.


15.Fishy Fishy Café - Kinsale, Cork

As the name would suggest this is all about quality seafood. The crowds and the difficulty in getting a table tells you that this place is as popular with locals as it is with tourists.


16.MacNean Restaurant - Blacklion, Cavan

Home to one of the most loved chefs in Ireland. Nevin Mcguire has made a name for himself on his own terms in this rural part of Ireland. Superb cooking, great hospitality and a cooking school make this a must visit.


17.Fitzpatrick's - Louth

In the middle of nowhere and somewhere you'll have to organise transport to but if you do then you'll have the best food and one of the friendliest pubs in Ireland. Perfect to visit if ducking off the motorway on a long journey.


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