17 Photos That Prove Donegal Is The Best County In Ireland

There is absolutely no doubt about it


Donegal is one of the biggest and most rugged counties in Ireland – and it also happens to be one of the most incredibly beautiful.

With rugged landscapes, stunning Atlantic views and green wherever you look, these pictures showcase just how stunning a place it really is.

Chances are it's a decent drive from wherever you happen to live... but it's sure as hell worth the trip.

1. You'll have views like this all to yourself

2. There is endless coastline to explore

3. Which affords loads of opportunity for water sports

4. Sure where would you get it?

5. Nothing like the good clean air up here

7. Even the animals up here are super friendly

8. The hidden gems off the beaten track

9. The mountains are pretty special

10. While the houses look like this

11. The buildings are totally unique

12. You'll always have an unobstructed view

13. With places like this to rest your head

14. And a spot for a nice quiet pint

15. Where else in the world would you get beaches like this to yourself?

16. A nice spot for a pint of the black stuff

17. There really is no better place than Donegal to get away from it all

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