17 Photos That Prove Wicklow Truly Is The Garden Of Ireland

One of the most stunning parts of the world


Only a stone's throw from Dublin and with some of the most incredible scenery, beautiful mountains and a wild rugged coastline there is little doubt that Wicklow is one of the nicest parts of Ireland.

Natural beauty, a cracking mountain range and one of the finest parts of the coastline you'll ever see – yep, this place has it all.

Here are 17 photos that prove exactly that.

1. The waterfalls look like this

2. And the lakes aren't half bad either

3. The local food scene is second to none

4. And it boasts some of the best golf courses in the world

5. Hotels like this

6. And days when you'll have an entire beach to yourself

7. Look up and you'll see the stars like you've never seen them before

8. A bunch of gorgeous seaside towns dotted all down the coast make it feel like you're always on holiday

9. And Wicklow looks even better at this time of year – like a real-life oil painting.

10. Even the animals are friendly

11. Ballykissangel – say no more!

12. It only gets more beautiful in winter

13. People have been living here for centuries – and for good reason too

14. You'll have a proper house with plenty of space rather than being cramped in a city

15. Nothing better than a sunrise in Wicklow either

16. No doubt about it – Wicklow truly is the Garden of Ireland

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