Three Days In Lisbon - A Shabby-Chic Foodie Paradise

By Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

October 28, 2019 at 9:17am


Lisbon is the new hotspot for city breaks in Europe and I can see why.

It's a stunning city made up of tiny cobblestone streets, steep hills, street art and tiles covering every inch of every building and terracotta roof. It has managed to hold onto its old fashioned charm but still has a wide range of modern and trendy eateries that will leave foodies drooling at the mouth.

Every street has its own story. There's colourful washing hanging from almost every apartment window, locals sitting at tiny tables conversing over a bottle of wine and Portuguese cheese and there's buskers at every corner playing chill tunes - It's pure magic.

It's the ideal city for a weekend break away filled with unbelievable food, cocktails, scenic views and endless nooks and crannies to explore.

Here's how to make the most of three days.

Where To Stay

Hostel: Hub Lisbon Patio Hostel

Located right in the city centre, this trendy hostel is a hipster's paradise. Breakfast is provided in the mornings and on sunny days guests can use the BBQ provided in the outdoor area.

The outdoor area also has netted hammocks, where you can chill in the sun and work on that tan of yours - Ideal.

It's a very cool spot for backpackers.

Airbnb: Bica Five Stars Apartments

Having free reign of your own place is class.

I stayed in this apartment with a group of girls and it was so handy being able to get ready, hang and drink together in our own space. We had a gorge view of the city and all the main attractions were within a few minutes walk.

The apartment was clean, modern, spacious and exactly what we had hoped for.

Hotel: Tivoli Avenida Liberdade

This stunning hotel has one of the city's best rooftop bars and it's own outdoor swimming pool, surrounded by trees. If you're looking to go all out and spend the weekend living in the lap of luxury, this is the place for you.

Romantic getaway goals.

Day 1

What To Do: Tuk Tuk Tour

What better way to discover the city than to ride around in a breezy tuk tuk?

Lisbon in the heat can be pretty challenging to get around as it's a hilled city. The tuk tuk tours bring you to all of the main attractions and the guides will inform you as you go along. It's a really cool way to learn about the capital and tick off the bucket list destinations.

Where To Eat: Time Out Market

I went to Lisbon for my sisters hen and believe me, trying to find a place to eat that suits everyone can be a struggle.

Time Out Market was the answer to my prayers.

The food market has anything and everything you could imagine - My table consisted of cheese boards, chocolate cakes, Thai curries, chips and sushi - an unlikely but incredibly tasty mix that my group and I devoured.

There was a jazz band to keeping us tapping our toes as we munched and the drinks were flowing - 2 for 1 beers? Lisbon, I love you.

Where To Go: Castelo De S. Jorge

Sure you can't go to a city without visiting its castle.

The castle of Lisbon has some of the most incredible views of the city. It's full of life and there's so many sections of it to explore. It's the perfect spot for a photo opportunity and an ice cream in the sun.

So pretty.

Where To Drink: Pharmacy & Health Museum

Now I know what you're thinking, why would I go to a museum for drinks? Well, this place will be the coolest museum you ever visit.

The cocktails are all pharmacy inspired - Syringe shots, medicinal looking glasses and kooky flavours. There's an open plan garden area at the front of the venue with quirky furniture and blankets for you to snuggle into while you're sipping away, not to mention the stunning view of the city that it overlooks.

Top tip: Try get here in time for the sunset, it's out of this world.

A cocktail experience that you'll never forget.

Day 2

What To Do: The Lifts

The city of the seven hills has three funiculars to help locals get from A to B without breaking a sweat.

The lifts tend to have really long queues so it's best to visit them in the morning, early bird and all that. They'll bring you to some of the best viewpoints in the city and the elevator itself is super Instagrammable.

Where To Eat: The Decadent

A hip hangout that serves top class food.

When I arrived here and saw the crowd that had gathered around the long oak tables, I knew I'd be in for a treat. The trendy restaurant is a favourite amongst tourists and locals alike and it was one of the top places on my foodie bucket list - Thankfully, it didn't disappoint.

I indulged in a creamy vegetable risotto and sipped on a citrusy glass of wine and all I could think was this is somewhere I'll always dream of coming back to.

Where To Go: Belém Tower

The area that was once the harbour for ships is now a majestic hub of monuments, botanical gardens and the most amazing sights of the river.

This is the ideal spot for photo opportunities and it's a fab spot for a stroll.

Where To Drink: Bairro Alto

Bairro Alto is the best area to go for pints in the city.

At night, the street comes alive and the craic is mighty. There's tonnes of tiny pubs along the way and everyone brings their pints out to the main streets.

It's a cheap night out for the crew and a must for party people.

Day 2

What To Do: Ride The Tram

There are trams all over the city and it's a great way of getting around and seeing the city.

They're super cheap to ride and you'll feel cultured AF while you're on it.

Where To Eat: Dear Breakfast

If you haven't guessed already, this place specialises in gourmet breakie.

Walking in here, it felt like I was in someone's kitchen. There was a big marble counter filled with juice bottles, fruit bowls and pastries. The interior was drop dead gorge and an Instagrammer's paradise.

Delish coffees, whopper eggs and crumbly pastries - This place is beyond wonderful.

Where To Go: Hunt For The Best Pastel de Nata

One of the best things about Lisbon is their famous custard tarts, Pastéis de nata.

You'll be able to pick one up on almost every corner, each even more delicious than the last. One of the biggest debates amongst Lisbon travellers however, is where to find the best tart.

Going on the hunt for the best tart is one of the best things to do. You'll find yourself exploring new streets and eating your weight in carbs, sure look that's the dream really isn't it?

Where To Drink: Mome

This nightclub a little bit fancier than drinking beer out of a plastic cup on the street. It's a little bit pricier too but deffo a good spot to go for a bop if you're into the clubbing scene.

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