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19th Aug 2018

21 Things That Will Give You Instant Flashbacks If You J1ed In Montauk


Ahh, the J1 – a summer filled with long shifts, even longer social hours and some of the dodgiest sleeping arrangements known to man…

Some people end up in Chicago or Boston during those lost summers but anyone who ended up in Montauk, that ‘quaint little fishing village with a drinking problem’, knows that they truly hit the J1 jackpot.

Sure where else would you rather be than at the End?

1. The accommodation struggle

Cramming as many people into a tiny 2 bedroom cottage in Ann Bryers was perfectly reasonable and acceptable as a home for 3 months, right?

I mean really, who needs comfort when you had the option of a beach as your sitting room, loads of other Irish buzzers on your doorstep, and the option to throw a few sliotars around in the front porch of the cottages…

If you weren’t in Ann Bryers you were probably getting thrown out of the infamous Tipperary Inn, which brings us nicely on to our next point…

2. Or just not having a gaff at all

There’s a 95% chance that this happened to at least one of your pals.

From having too many house parties or being kicked out due to increasing rent prices – sometimes you’d return home to find all your belongings outside your motel room.

That’s when you had to start begging anyone and everyone for some couch space to lay your head…

3. Memories

Forgot everything the night before? Don’t worry – your memories could probably be found right where you left them (along with your handbag) at The Memory Motel.

Have pity on the poor Irish folk who lived and slept inside the smoking area there for the summer – before The Memory Motel had those glam VIP rooms they were used as living quarters for broke J1ers and the staff.

Then again, if it was good enough for rock stars of Rolling Stones, it was good enough for us!

4. Sloppy Sundays

Ahhh Sunday Funday. That sweet moment when you finally finished 40 hours work from Thursday evening – Sunday, and no longer had to deal with the weekend crowd. That’s when the village properly let loose!

Generally starting in The Point, before heading across the road to the Memory and back and forth throughout the night. Plus, any self-respecting Montauk aficionados knew that no Sunday sesh was complete without some 3am pizza slices from Club Pizza Village.

5. The beautiful beaches

For anyone who grew up along the coast in Ireland, a stroll along the rugged wild beaches and dunes in Montauk always felt like home.

The packed beaches gradually lost their crowds as you headed out east back towards Amagensett and East Hampton, where you could gaze up at your favourite mansions and wonder what if…

6. Spending an evening with your favourite celeb

Celebrities used to come out to Montauk to escape recognition but over the past few years it became the place to be seen…

Sure who wouldn’t want to spend a summer serving dinner to actors and models, before getting to party alongside them after work?

7. Montauk Bake Shoppe

Even early morning starts had their perks in Montauk – these kind bakery owners would donate the leftovers to their workers. This was always a particularly welcome treat after a hefty night out in the Clam…

8. Sloppy Tuna

The ultimate beach bar, formerly known as Nicks, which is currently in the middle of legal proceedings.

But with scenes like this in previous years, it will be hard to keep this location closed for long…

Screen Shot 2016 06 13 At 12 38 41

Credit: aoifekk Instagram

9. Gigshack

Bored of the beach? Hungry? Thirsty? Or maybe just all three…

Gigshack always had good music, good vibes, good games, good company, good bartenders and good food no matter what.

10. Sunsets

J1s aren’t only about drinking and working, despite what you might remember… All those magical sunsets along Navy Beach and Surf Lodge were pretty unreal too.

11. Bonfires

And of course, any glorious sunset always began with a good bonfire.

No matter whether you were invited along to one of the local gatherings by your coworkers or if you happened to stumble upon one on the beach – it was always a good time!

12. MOKO Taxi

Quite frankly, the only way to get around Montauk. Reliable, trustworthy and guaranteed to take you back to your humble abode even when you hadn’t a notion where you live, or what time it is.

13. The weekly laundry trek

Something you always dreaded, but generally ended up being fun.

The laundrette was always the place where you’d hear the latest goss while meeting other Irish J1ers, bemoaning the fact that you had no mammy in Montauk to do your washing for you.

Laundry In Paris

14. 7/11

Many a drunken early morning wander would bring you here – where you’d drop the guts of $20 on Doritos, beer and iced coffee as prep for the imminent hangover.

15. Liars

This place really doesn’t need a description; you either ended up there or you didn’t.

16. Dealing with the weekend rush

Working all summer long to earn the right to play. But who were we to complain when things got busy?

With places of work that looked like they rolled straight out of Vogue magazines (and in most places – they had!), you were always OK with working hard to earn them dollas.

Just take a look at these beauties…

Sole East


West Lake Fish House


17. Surf Lodge

Controversial when it first appeared in the village, but accepted by most eventually.

This place always seemed to bring together the best of the city slickers, hipsters and everyone in between throughout the summer.

18. 4LOKO

A worthy replacement of Buckfast for the summer, this super sweet, sugar-laden and caffeine-driven drink (banned in a lot of US states) would perk you right up.

19. Ditch Plains

Whether you were into it or not, there was no escape from surfing at the end of the Hamptons. Even if you weren’t brave enough to catch a wave, you could always sunbathe and munch on those incredible lobster rolls while people-watching.

20. Local vibes

Many a Montauk character made your summer as amazing as it was.

Going on a J1 might have been your first time away from home, so people who made you feel at home were always welcome additions to the crew.

21. Poolside chills

Because at the end of those long working days it was the only place to go to unwind. A J1 is technically a holiday too!

Hmm, might just have to book a flight back…

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