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05th Jul 2022

5 star hotel removes steak from menu due to guests complaining about high prices

Katy Thornton

park hotel kenmare takes steak off menu due to high prices

One night at Park Hotel Kenmare will set you back approximately €500.

Unfortunately daily headlines about soaring prices is just the new “new normal” (we almost miss the lockdown headers, almost). Everyone is feeling the pinch of hyper inflation, even those who would spend hundreds on a five star hotel. According to The Independent, hotelier Francis Brennan was forced to remove steak from the menu at Park Hotel in Kenmare after customers complained about the high prices.

The Independent reports that a one night stay at the hotel costs €500, rising as high as €795 on a Saturday night. Yet, guests of the hotel still complained at the cost of the steak, something Brennan said was due to rising costs.

The price of food has gone through the roof. The price of steak to buy has gone up 42 per cent on last year. We have taken fillet steak off the menu because we can’t afford to put it on anymore.

Brennan went on to discuss a recent trip to America where steaks cost $69, which is almost the equivalent in euros. But guests continued to complain about the cost of the hotel’s fillet steak, so it was removed from the menu. According to The Independent, while Brennan acknowledges their dear prices, he believes they are justified.

Kenmare is a beautiful Irish heritage town. So that sets out the ambience straight away. Our building was built in 1897, we have done a huge renovation on it last year.”

Brennan continued to say that the biggest challenges of running a hotel were staffing issues and food prices.

Header image via Instagram/parkkenmare

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