Nine reasons why Clifden is the perfect place for a quick weekend away

By Alana Laverty

January 1, 2020 at 4:55pm


Ireland is sprinkled with idyllic little towns, and they really make it the special country that it is.

Clifden is one of my all-time favourites. It's a treasure trove of beaches, divine food, well-poured Guinness and lovely people.

Here's why you need to visit this weekend...

1. O'Dalaigh Jewellers

I remember visiting this shop once as a child and being struck dumb by the utter magic on the inside.

Glittering jewels, crowns, rings and necklaces – all handcrafted under the one roof.

They will custom-make anything you fancy so if you have a special someone get creative.

They also have a shop built into the side of the Cliffs of Moher.

2. Clifden Station House Hotel

The perfect little hideaway on the west coast.

They serve some of the best food in all of Connemara and I hear their beds are mighty cosy.


3. The Sky Road

One of the highest points in the area, The Sky Road is perfect for a scenic drive, walk, cycle or run.

Check out them views. Take a few snaps and show your mates how cultured you are.



4. Clifden Castle

Ireland has endless castles so you'd think we'd be sick of them by now.


There's something so majestic and magical about gorge medieval Irish castles. And this one is just a 30-minute walk outside of town.




5. Kylemore Abbey

Only a short 20-minute drive to the stunning Kylemore Abbey where I once dreamt of going to boarding school. Until the school closed and became a stunning tourist attraction.

Feel those Hogwarts vibes.

From the gardens and woodlands to the lakes and churches it is quite a stunning experience.




6. Clifden Town Hostel

If you're on a budget and wanna keep your weekend costs to a minimum then book a spot in this lovely lil hostel.

No better way to meet new characters and get an authentic feel for the place than in a hostel full of people.

7. Avoca

Just outside of town on the Ballinakil Bay you'll find a gorge little Avoca hidden away.

Bring a bag and stock up on some treats and tasty picnic food before heading off on a long stroll.

The perfect midday meal in a gorgeous setting.

8. Guy's Bar and Snug

The atmosphere in this pub is definitely snug.


They serve up everything from your typical bangers and mash, stews and fresh fish to burgers and spag bol.

You will get a right Irish feed in this joint, and you'll enjoy every bite.



9. Lowry's Bar

The epitome of nightlife in Clifden will be found in Lowry's.

If you're looking for an oul' session, you've chosen the right place. And they serve everything from premium gins to local craft beers.


If you're gonna fall in love anywhere, it's gonna be in Clifden.


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