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04th Sep 2018

Aer Lingus Has Announced A Winter Sale With Cheap Flights To Europe And North America

James Fenton

You might just be back from you summer holiday but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning your next getaway.

Aer Lingus has provided the perfect excuse this morning by announcing a winter sale with flights to Europe costing just €29.99 each way and flights to North America €159 each way.

It’s all because, according to Aer Lingus research, adults gain an extra 39% of positivity in the three months leading to a winter break. Who knew?

Psychologist Honey Langcaster-James explains:

‘The research shows that taking a break during the winter months can have psychological benefits, from the positive effects on wellbeing during the time leading up to a holiday to the happiness the comforts of coming home creates.

In an increasingly busy world where every hour counts, these findings suggest investing in the time to take a break during winter can lead to an additional three days of joy. This could be beneficial for your mindset at what might otherwise be considered by many to be a gloomy time of year.

The Aer Lingus offer is valid for travel between November 1 2018 and March 31 2019 and you’ll need to book before midnight on September 24. Get planning!

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