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22nd Jan 2020

London For The Weekend – How To Enjoy It Like A Local

Alan Fisher

I’m lucky enough to still have a lot of school friends in my life but like most other groups, we don’t get to see each other as much as we used to.

Because of this, we decided that we would pen in a weekend where all 10 of us take a little trip. Myself and one of the other well-organised lads took the roles of booking the entire weekend, although I must admit, I did f**k all.

We threw a few places like Lisbon and Amsterdam around but London came out on top. It’s convenient, very cheap to fly to, you get really good, reasonably priced Airbnbs for a group of people and there is sh*t loads to see and do.

Day 1

As we had an afternoon flight, day one only got started at around 7pm by the time we were washed and ready to rock.

First Stop, Flight Club
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This bar was the first place we went to and is kitted out with electronic dart boards. It’s sounded a bit weird when we were told about it – we don’t want to play darts, it’s boring. But it’s not exactly what you think.

You put your names into a computer and it randomly separates you into different teams. A lot of uproar from the start, getting matched with your sportingly challenged mate – who will remain unnamed.

It gives you different variations of dart games to play against each other and the competitiveness gets to another level. They also give you action replays on a screen in front of you which is highly entertaining.

Apart from the darts, Flight Club is a really nice spot, being more like circus themed cocktail bar than a pub. It also serves really good food that they’ll bring out as you’re playing.

I recommend some sliders, mini tacos, chicken skewers and one or two pizzas depending on the size of your group.

Time To Get Groovy

We walked just around the corner, straight from Flight Club to Motown.

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When we were discussing the plan to go see a musical, I really questioned if it was the right move for 10 giddy lads but by god was I wrong. I think I enjoyed it more than anyone who has ever seen it before. At one stage, my mate had to tell me to calm down.

I couldn’t recommend going to see a musical more, especially Motown. It has such a great story and so much music that you know, even if you think you don’t (like me) and you can’t help but get involved. In saying that, I don’t think regular musical goers were happy with us…

It’s coming to the Bord Gáis in February and you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be going again.

Day 2

Brunch time baby

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Because obviously we didn’t get up in time for breakfast, we headed straight to Farm Girl in Chelsea for brunch.

Of course, London is a bloody big place and you are going to eat in the closest, decent place to you but, there are three of these around the city so if you find yourself anywhere near them, make sure you pop in.

I got a ridiculously big feed when I went here and opted for avo toast, granola and berry pancakes with a side of water, OJ and of course, a flatty. Remember, stay hydrated kids.

Hitting The Roof

After some much needed food, Roof East is the place to hit during the day for a couple of scoops and a lot of fun.

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It’s a rooftop bar in East London (if you couldn’t guess from the name) that’s on top of Stratford Shopping Centre. It’s quite big and has loads of activities to enjoy.

You grab a couple of beers and get directly involved with table tennis, mini golf, baseball and most importantly, the bowls (which I believe they’ve turned into Curling for the winter).

Again, with a group of mates, this gets outrageously competitive. You book in for an hour, but we ended up extending to three hours because you just could not get us off the mat.

After that, sit back, grab some food and enjoy the atmosphere.

The Prince

Early evening we scrubbed ourselves up and headed to The Prince. It’s mainly an outdoor beer garden but it’s indoor, if you know what I mean.

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There’s loads of tables spread around this beautifully decorated garden and it’s the perfect place to have a chat or to mingle with some locals before the night escalates.

I recommend you book a table because things can get very busy, especially if you’re looking to grab a bite to eat, which we did.

We ordered pretty much everything on the menu and shared it amongst us. It was the perfect amount and type of food (tacos, wings, fries, burgers etc.) to accompany a few drinks.

Day 3

AKA Day Of The Dead

Not much can be said for our third and final day in London. Mainly because we were just complete shells of ourselves.

We basically managed to wrestle ourselves onto the tube and tucked into the inevitable McDonald’s in the airport.

No, we didn’t do a single bit of sightseeing and we make no apologies.

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