44 Things You Need To Do At Least Once If You're In New York

Heading here? You need to tick these off

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Brooklyn is the kind of place you'll never want to leave (trust me, I'm still heartbroken that I no longer live here) and the best part is amazing things just pop out in front of you, legit every day.

Whether you're clinking beers with your new bestie on a rooftop in Bushwick, strolling along the Pier with a view of Brooklyn Bridge, or eating the best pizza to be found in the States, Brooklyn will win over your heart and soul.

There's a few things that you just have to do while you're here, things that will make your trip unforgettable and your Instagram the envy of all.

Tick all these off your summer bucket list in BK and you'll have the time of your life - promise. 

1. Ride the Cyclone at Coney Island

2. Cycle over Brooklyn Bridge at nighttime

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3. Get take-away Margaritas from Turkey's Nest

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4. Drink those boozy beauties in McCarren Park

5. Catch a movie in Nighthawk cinema

6. Go for a walk in Prospect Park

7. Get a cone from Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

8. Watch the sunset from someone's rooftop

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9. See a gig in Pete's Candy Store

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10. Feast on a Fornino pizza 

11. Go clothes shopping in Beacon's Closet

12. Get invited to a quirky gallery opening

13. Eat a hotdog on Brighton Beach

14. Go street art sightseeing

15. Get cocktails at the Wythe Hotel

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16. Be entertained by the subway breakdance kids

17. Cheer on a game in the Barclays Center

18. Try the ramen burger at Smorgasburg

19. Actually, try everything at Smorgasburg

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20. Canoe down the Gowanus Canal

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21. Snap pics at the Wyckoff Street mosaic home

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22. Get a tiki cocktail at Surf Bar

23. Get the Brooklyn Ferry instead of the train

26. Have a big BBQ at Pier 5

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27. Spend an hour in the City Reliquary

28. Chow down on grilled meats at Fette Sau

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29. Go to an underground party at Rubulad

30. Walk around Red Hook neighbourhood

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31. Watch an outdoor movie with a view

32. Get your flea-market fix at Brooklyn Bazaar

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33. Visit Happy Hour at Alligator Lounge (free pizza)

34. Queue for Roberta's pizza

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35. Go bowling at Brooklyn Bowl

36. Take a day trip to Manhattan beach

37. Eat an egg & cheese roll from any corner Bodega

38. Go to Bar Tabac for Bastille Day

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39. Get an elote from a Mexican food truck

40. Settle down for outdoor theatre in Carroll Park

41. Have dinner alfresco at Juliette

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42. Get competitive at Barcade

43. Take a dip in the fancy pool at McCarren Hotel

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44. Look at the skyline every day <3


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