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18th Jan 2020

This Is The Most Romantic Place In Europe For You And Your Other Half​

James Fenton

When it comes to heading away with the other half, there’s nothing better than a few days of sun, sea and fine dining.

Look no further than this absolute gem on the Sorrento Coast in Italy. While the whole stretch from Sorrento all the way down to Amalfi is widely-renowned for its scenic beauty, there’s one stop along the way that is an absolute must-see.

The mountainous coastal town of Positano the ideal location to base yourself for your stay in Italy and is the perfect setting for an extended period of alone time with your one and only.

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When you first arrive in Positano after a short coach ride from Sorrento, you’ll park up at the top of the hill looking down on a vibrant town full of houses and other buildings of all the colours of the rainbow.

You could spend an entire morning ducking up and down the countless little steps and leaf-laden alleyways and sipping on the finest cappuccinos you’ve ever tasted before finally landing at the beach at the bottom of the hill where the misery of an Irish winter or the stresses of work will never even enter your head.

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Those of you who have never been to Italy and are sick of hearing about how great the food is might want to stop reading now. Stereotypes aside, if you think you’re Ireland’s biggest pizza fiend, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried some authentic Italian pizza pie.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that pizza is available at every turn in Italy and once you taste one it won’t be long before you start mentally packing your bags to move there permanently.

Instead of the takeaway shite we’re served in Ireland which leaves you feeling bloated and regretful, Italian pizza will keep the hunger at bay and put a spring in your step whether its lunch or dinner time.

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Sorrento is ridiculously easy to reach along the Circumvesuviana rail line from the main Naples train station. It’s the last stop on the line which also goes by the iconic city of Pompeii, scene of the famous Mount Vesuvias eruption of 79 AD and is an easy and scenic journey of about 40 minutes. Think the DART to Greystones only nicer weather.

From Sorrento station there will be a number of tour operators waiting to take you to Positano and Amalfi.

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In terms of accommodation, transport is so easy on the Sorrento coast that it’s worth staying a bit out of the way in order to save a few Euros. This family-run Airbnb in the tiny village of Seiano is perfect for a couple and you’re generally left to your own devices.

There are two beautiful restaurants a mere stone’s throw away while Sorrento station is just four stops from Seiano station which is located a short walk from the village.

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While Positano is an absolute gem, make sure to spend at least one afternoon taking in the charm of Sorrento where you’ll come across a plethora of delightful little restaurants with the ideal romantic atmosphere.

There’s also no shortage of little shops and stalls to breeze through and pick up something for those you’ve left at home.

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If you’re suitably convinced, a return flight to Naples around could cost you as little as 100 quid if you shop around enough.

Sure what are ya waiting for?

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