10 Best Places To Grab A Coffee And Work In Amsterdam With Free Wi-Fi

By louisejohnston

February 27, 2018 at 3:15pm


Many of us choose to work remotely these days with ties to the physical office not as important as they once were. You might need to check your emails between meetings, tie up a few loose ends online at the end of a day or simple want a change of scenery but finding the perfect spot for a bit of surfing can be tricky. We've been looking for a good free Amsterdam Wi-Fi list for some time and after not finding any we decided to research it a little more and create our own. There are a few vitally important things when looking for a place with free wifi to work which are:

  1. A super-fast free Wi-Fi connection
  2. Plugs to charge devices
  3. Good coffee

All of the venues selected below tick all the boxes and are spread out around the city to give you an option for all situations. Make sure to enhance the list with some suggestions of your own in the comments. We'll keep this list updated and add to it so don't be shy to add new ones you find.

10. CT Coffee & Coconuts

Ceintuurbaan 282, 1072 GK Amsterdam

A former cinema on the 20's, this is now one of Amsterdam's coolest coffee shops. It screams hipster-cool but that also means they serve a mean cup of coffee. Their excellent free Wi-Fi also means you'll spend hours working away here without being disturbed.

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9. Coffee Bru

Beukenplein 14, 1091 KH Amsterdam

Not only do they serve amazing coffee and great Wi-Fi they have an amazing range of sweet treats to chose from. And if you're a local, you can even bring along your furry friend to join you.

8. Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters

Kinkerstraat 112III, 1053 ED Amsterdam

These guys take beans form all over the world to make some of the best coffee in Amsterdam. They take pride in every pour and you'll be sure to be kept energised to get a load of emails done while soaking up the atmosphere.

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Oudezijds Achterburgwal 145, 1012 DG Amsterdam

If you're looking for diversity, then KOKO is for you. They sell clothes, art, design books, coffee and more. It's the perfect spot to sit down for hours, get a ton of work done and get inspired.

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6. White Label Coffee

Jan Evertsenstraat 136, 1056 Amsterdam

White Label Coffee is a hipster paradise. In fact, it is ideal for those of you looking for somewhere to go and work remotely for a few hours. They're specialty coffee roasters so you know this stuff is amazing.

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5. Volkshotel

Wibautstraat 1501091 GR Amsterdam, 1091 GR Amsterdam

Volkshotel is one of the quirkiest hotels in Amsterdam. Volkshotel is the right location for setting up camp with your laptop and for days when you have meetings back to back. There's a subway station 2 minutes away so it's super easy to get back into the centre of Amsterdam. Think the Ace Hotel in NYC or London.

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4. Bagels & Beans

With half a dozen or so outlets in Amsterdam alone, there's no denying these guys are experts when it comes to service. If it's super fast Wi-Fi and great coffee you're looking for, you're sure to get it here. The food isn't too shabby either!

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3. Douwe Egberts

Oosterdokskade 80, 1011 AE Amsterdam

With their brand reaching all four corners of the globe, it's not wonder that Douwe Egberts are one of the most popular coffee shops in Amsterdam. Described as a more laid back version of Starbucks, it is such a great way to spend the day here if you have an unimaginable about of emails to get through. No frills, free Wi-Fi and amazing coffee.

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2. Coffee Company

This gets second place for a reason. It is one of the more well-known coffee chains in Amsterdam. Their large tables and free Wi-Fi mean that working remotely is ideal and you'll find plenty of other customers doing the exact same thing here.

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1. La Place Openbare Bibliotheek

Oosterdokskade 143, 1011 DL Amsterdam

It's the first time we've done one of these top 10 lists and a public library has come first. But don't underestimate this one. They serve amazing food, there are plenty of work spaces available and you'll be surrounded by like-minded creatives. And the best thing? It is open til 10pm daily so if you prefer to work late, then the bibliotheek is your front runner.

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