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03rd Jan 2019

10 Irish pubs you HAVE to visit on your next trip abroad

Sarah Finnan

We all know the unrivalled glory of a good Irish pub abroad.

It’s ironic that we go on holidays to escape Ireland, and yet somehow manage to find ourselves downing pints in an Irish pub. Every. Single. Time. Without fail.

Maybe it’s because we’re creatures of habit, maybe it’s because we know we’ll be guaranteed a good time…either way, there’s lots to be said for the humble old man pub (which most of them are).

There’s one to be found no matter where you go (I stumbled upon a Longford Irish pub in Budapest of all places) but sorting the trash from the treasure can be a tiresome process.

Luckily the annual Irish Hospitality Global Awards have named their top 10 best Irish pubs in Europe. Awarding them a range of different merits, categories include ‘Best Marketing Campaign’, ‘Best Irish Community Pub’ and the coveted ‘Irish Pub of the Year’.

Passports at the ready.

Best Marketing Campaign – The Three Sisters, Edinburgh, Scotland

One of my favourite places, the people of Edinburgh certainly know how to party.

Best Bar Person – Tanya Cregan of Temple Bar, Bolzano, Italy

Combine the craic of the Irish with fiery Italian locals and you’ve got one hell of a night out.

Best Chef – Trish Erasmus of O’Shea’s, Eindhoven, Netherlands

I mean, they even have fish and chips lads.

Best Sports Experience – Fleetenkieker Irish Pub, Hamburg, Germany

Pints of plain all round…nothing like the home brew.

They have a point…

Best Entertainment Experience – McNulty’s, La Rochelle, France

A taste of home in the middle of France.

Best Cocktail Experience – Connolly’s, Glasgow, Scotland

Impressive line-up there.

Best Whiskey Experience – Tír na nÓg, Aarhus, Denmark

You can’t get more Irish than a pub called Tír na nÓg now can you?

Best Irish Community Pub – Sheridan’s, Zagreb, Croatia


Putting us to shame.

Best Food Experience – O’Shea’s, Manchester, England

Full Irish to start you off? Yes, please.

Irish Pub of the Year – O’Casey’s, The Hague, Netherlands

The holy grail of Irish pubs abroad.

I’m thinking, pub crawl across Europe…who’s with me?

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