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This Stunning Greek Island Is Paying People To Move There

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If you’ve been fantasising about packing it all in and moving to some far away location now that another work week has begun, this might just be what you’re looking for.

A beautiful island off the coast of Greece is hoping to attract new people to come and live there by paying them a monthly allowance and even offering free accommodation and food.

Anthikythera, a 20 square kilometre island that’s a two-hour ferry away from the larger Greek island of Crete, currently only has around 40 residents.

But it’s looking to change that by offering carefully selected families a free home on the island, as well as a monthly payment of €500 for their first three years there.

They’re hoping to find people who are interested in setting up a business on the island, or those working as fishermen, stock-farmers, builders and bakers.

Preference will be given to Greek people, but anyone can apply to the local council in Anthikythera.

That’s our summer plans sorted…

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