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15th Sep 2018

Westeros Bucket List: 11 ‘Game Of Thrones’ Locations You Need To Visit Before You Die


The wait for the final season of Game Of Thrones is tough.

While the conclusion promises to be full of epic battles, plot twists and big ol’ dragons all set against a fantasy backdrop, it’s aaages away from being released.

While the world of Westeros seems out of this world, the actual landscapes involved are all very real.

Just as The Lord Of The Rings introduced audiences to the stunning scenery of New Zealand, so too has GoT made us really want to explore Croatia, Spain, Iceland and more.

If you’ve been planning on drawing up a holiday plan, and you need a Westeros fix real bad, look no further than this Game Of Thrones location list…

1. Alcazaba, Spain

You’ll find this impressive tenth century fort on Spain’s southern coast, but you may know it better as the palace of Dorne, where Jamie Lannister attempted to rescue his daughter.

Spoiler alert: it didn’t end well.

Alcazaba Almeria

2. Bardenas Reales, Navarre, Spain

Another Spanish location, this desolate landscape dotted with peculiar rock formations played the homeland of the horse-lovin’ tribes of Dothraki warriors.

Bardenas Reales Navarre

3. Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

Found in Antrim, this atmospheric (and creepy) avenue of beech trees date from the eighteenth century and in the show they line the Kingsroad of Westeros.

Dark Hedges Misty

4. Dubrovnik, Croatia

It takes a special city to play the part of capital of the Seven Kingdoms and you couldn’t ask for a better location than Dubrovnik. With its ubiquitous monuments and ancient fortifications, it’s no wonder the city is on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

Dubrovnik Croatia

5. Essaouira, Morocco

Morocco stands in for one of the city’s across the Narrow Sea that’s had a bit of issue with slavery: Astapor. Its most striking feature is the red fortified wall that surrounds the city.

Essaouira Morocco

6. Fort Manoel, Malta

This Maltese fort on the northwest of Valletta was once best known as a military stronghold — now it’s better known as the place that a rather PO’d Cersei blew to kingdom come with wildfire.

Fort Manoel Malta

7. Girona, Spain

What better place to set a quasi-medieval show than in an actual medieval city? This city can be found about an hour away from Barcelona and is known for Girona Cathedral and Arab Baths. This season it’ll play Oldtown, where Sam is training to be a maester.

Girona Catalonia

8. Sibenik, Croatia

AKA Braavos, where Arya learned to be a kickass, faceless killer.

Sibenik Croatia

9. Split, Croatia

With structures dating back to the third century — like the palace complex of a Roman emperor — the coastal city played host to the many scenes containing Cersei in season five of the series.


10. Vatnajökull, Iceland

Iceland’s national park of Vatnajökull, home of Europe’s largest glacier, is the kind of place you’d actually expect to stumble upon a White Walker — so it’s the perfect location to stand in as Beyond The Wall.

Vatnajökull Iceland

11. Zafra Castle, Guadalajara

This towering fortress stands high above the Campillo de Dueñas in the northeast Spain. The castle acted as the Tower Of Joy, where Ned Stark found his sister Lyanna dying while giving birth to Jon Snow.

Zafra Castle Guadalajara

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