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20th Nov 2017

Planning On Going Away? These Are The Safest Countries To Travel To


If you’re anxious when it comes to travelling and where you go, this interactive map may become your new best friend for picking out the safest countries to travel to.

While going abroad can be a topic of concern for some, medical and security services firm, International SOS have created a map to put your nerves at ease.

Along with research from company, Ipsos Mori, they have mapped the countries in terms of the health, road safety and security.

All you have to do is enter a country or city into the map and you can see where it ranks in each category.

According to the study, the countries in Europe with the lowest risk across all areas is Norway, Finland, Iceland and Switzerland, Country Living reported.

Rob Condina, a security expert at International SOS told the magazine that it is worth weighing up the safety of a country before choosing where to travel.

He said, “destinations with low risk ratings such as Finland and Norway may be attractive to many holiday makers, particularly against the heightened awareness of both security and medical incidences that have occurred in popular holiday destinations over the past couple of years. 

“Travellers should take into account their own travel experience and ability to cope with any changes in their environment. This may help travellers to widen their travel choices if they wish.”

So if you’re that little bit extra-cautious, you can check out the interactive map here and plan where to travel around it.

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