Food Hack - How To Cool White Wine Super Fast Without Ice Cubes

By lovinmanchester

September 15, 2018 at 3:18pm


  • White Wine
  • Grapes

I'm sure most of you will be in the position tonight where you get home from work with a bottle of wine that needs chilling before you can drink it. Nothing worse than warm white wine. You could pop it into the freezer for an hour or even throw a couple of ice cubes into the glass but that either takes ages or waters the wine down. We have another unique solution and it will change your life!


Step 1

You'll need some wine to start. Even if it is pretty cold already this gives it an extra little chill. See ice cubes water it down and ruin all the good work of the wine maker. With this you are using grapes (which wine is made from) so no real loss of flavour.

Step 2

Pick the grapes away from the stems. Not really rocket science this part.

Step 3

Lash them into some sort of container. A plastic glass, Plastic containers or as I like I did a plastic glass.

Step 4

Pop them into the freezer. You'll need to do this hours in advance so just throw loads in there so as you always have them.

Step 5

When you get home with the warm wine whip out the grapes.

Step 6

Pop a couple of them into the glass.

Step 7

Add wine and sit back and marvel at how much of a genius you are. Also use this to wow your friends at dinner parties etc. Boom

Once you've used this hack you'll never do it any other way. Get a bag of grapes into the fridge right now and never look back!