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Ryanair Announces ‘Budget Sale’ To Some Of Europe’s Sunniest Destinations

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There was some bad news in the Budget today and the weather appears to be taking a turn so wouldn’t it be nice to just pack the bags and get out of here for a while?

The people at Ryanair were clearly thinking the same thing as the airline has just announced a ‘Budget Bonanza’ with some flights cheaper than a packet of cigarettes.

Among the offers are the usual city getaways such as Dublin to London for €9.98, Dublin/Cork to Liverpool for the same price and Dublin to Paris or Barcelona for €12.98 and €14.99 respectively.

The ones that have caught our eye though are sun-soaked destinations such as Tenerife for as little as €21.98 or Malta for €19.99.

Don’t see why you’d have to think twice about it really. A full list of the deals on offer can be found here.

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