This Ryanair Boss Is Not Getting a Lot Of Sympathy For His 'Worst Summer Ever' Tweet

In other words, he's being mercilessly trolled


We have a feeling he didn't think this one through.

Social media is usually the first port of call for frustrated travellers looking to vent about delays and poor service when flying.

But we reckon Kenny Jacobs, Ryanair's Chief Marketing Officer, probably could have chosen a smarter outlet to air his frustration about 'the worst summer ever for delays and cancellations' this week.

Mr Jacobs took to LinkedIn this week when his plane was held at Dublin airport, writing;

Sitting on runway in Dublin on flight that should have left at 0650 but will leave after 0830 because of Air Traffic Control staff shortages in Europe."

"The worst summer ever for delays and cancellations across all airlines and more needs to be done by EU. It's bad for tourism, business travel and will mess up the hard earned holidays of many families."

There was a lot of feedback for Kenny...

Jacobs famously claimed the Ryanair crisis last year which saw over 700,000 flights cancelled was 'no big deal'.

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Megan Cassidy