Victors Way

This Mind-Bending Sculpture Park In Wicklow Is Meant For Over 28s — And You Can See Why

You really wouldn't want to bring the kids to this place...

Let's get one thing clear up front: Victor's Way is most definitely not for everyone.

That's not to say anything against its owner or his Indian sculpture park near Roundwood in County Wicklow, it's actually been designed for a select few who are capable of appreciating its purpose.

Previously known as Victoria's Way, owner Victor Langheld closed the park in 2015 stating on TripAdvisor: "The park lost its way. Too may day-trippers turned it into a fun park for parents with children. It was designed as a contemplative garden for over 28s. Moreover an adequate hospitality infrastructure could not be provided because of the prohibitive cost. I had no choice but to close the park down or get crushed."

The park was resurrected a year later, however, under the slightly tweaked name of Victor's Way, with a slightly higher entrance fee and age restrictions.

Having spent time with a number of spiritual orders across Asia during his lifetime, Langfeld not only sponsored and curated this park, but designed most of the sculptures it contains. The whole purpose of these statues of black granite and bronze is to give visitors a space for contemplation and meditation.

Now that all sounds great, but why the age restrictions? Certainly children at play might intrude on an adult's contemplation, but we also reckon that some of the sculptures might be a bit too... mature for younger visitors...

Does this look like a place you'd like to visit? Victor's Way in County Wicklow is open daily from 12.30pm-6pm, from April 15 until September 30 and the entrance fee is €5 per adult.

Header image: jayne_helen & rawmeash/Instagram

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