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19th Feb 2020

Six incredible caves in Ireland to explore

Brian Dillon

Crag cave - one of the most exciting caves in Ireland

Exciting nature? Found it, mate. These caves in Ireland are definitely worth taking a trip to see.

Is there anything more thrilling than taking a deep dive into a dark cave to discover something you’ve never seen before? I think not.

Aillwee Cave

This cave can be found in Ireland’s most unique geographical area, The Burren.

As far as dramatic underworlds go, this one is pretty insane. You’re able to book a 30-minute tour with an expert guide that allows you to “stroll through the beautiful caverns, over bridged chasms, under weird formations and alongside the thunderous waterfall.” Warning, you might get wet!


Also located in The Burren is Doolin Cave, which is actually home to the longest free-hanging stalactite in Europe at a whopping 7.3 metres.

There are tours available. They last around 40 to 45 minutes and can be booked here.

Dunmore Cave

Onto Kilkenny now and we find Dunmore Cave.

As you follow the steps into the cave, you leave daylight behind and immerse yourself in a world you didn’t know existed.

Not only is it an incredible natural feature, but it’s also steeped in interesting history that you can learn about in the visitor centre above ground.

Mitchelstown Cave

This cave in Tipperary was discovered by accident in 1833 when a man dropped his crowbar into a crevice when quarrying for limestone. Luckily, you’ll know exactly what to expect when visiting.

You can take guided tours to discover the impressive scale and depth of this cave. There have even been movie screenings hosted inside the cave in the past!

Mitchelstown cave in Tipperary

Crag Cave

Found in County Kerry, Crag Cave is another one of the epically exciting caves in Ireland.

Described as a “magical wonderland of stalagmites and stalactites”, this ancient fossil cave system is the perfect example of the excitement that hides underground in Ireland.

There are a few notable formations to discover when you’re down here, such as The Crystal Gallery and the Big Stalactite.

Crag cave - one of the most exciting caves in Ireland

Murder Hole Beach

In terms of size, this cave is more subtle. But it is nevertheless worth venturing out to.

Found in Donegal, you’ll have to trust your sense of direction and hop a few fields to get here. But once you do, you’ll feel like you’re in another world as there probably won’t be another person in sight.

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