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17th Nov 2017

These Are Gonna Be The 20 Most Popular Holiday Destinations Next Year


Tired of Santa Ponsa and feel like every single person you know went to Croatia this summer? (And rightly so, it’s fantastic).

20 years ago you’d be considered incredibly exotic if you said you were jetting off to anywhere that wasn’t mainland Spain, but now people don’t even bat an eyelid when Marie’s daughter from across the road goes on six-week soul search across Thailand – yawn.

Well, the United Nations has a World Tourism Organisation that tracks the popularity of destinations all over the world, and it’s predicted the 20 spots that are gonna be big in 2018. Here’s where you should book now before it’s overdone: 

20. Japan

19. Finland

18. Colombia

17. Armenia

16. Cyprus

15. Oman

14. Chile

13. Montenegro

12. Seychelles

11. Malta

10. Israel

9. Mongolia

8. Nicaragua

7. Uruguay

6. Vietnam

5. Tunisia

4. Iceland

3. Northern Mariana Islands

2. Egypt

1. Palestinian Territories

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