These Are The Most Otherworldly Cliffs In Ireland — Here's Why You Need To Visit Them

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October 16, 2019 at 5:24pm



There's something about a cliff that's simply awe-inspiring.

The Cliffs of Moher may be one of Ireland's favourite attractions and Slieve League its lesser known little sister, but the cliffs of Inishmore boast a far more unique look.

That's because the rock that forms the precipices of the largest of the Aran Islands really is something special, in that they're formed of strata of limestone pavements which make them appear as if they've been stacked, not unlike its neighbouring Burren.

And the sight is nothing short of spectacular.

Daredevil visitors standing close to the edge

Credit: Stefano_Valeri/

Waves crashing against the rock face

Algae-coated cliffs

Mind you, the island has plenty more to offer than just its bluffs.

Home to a number of Neolithic structures, the annual Tedfest celebrating the country's favourite fictional priest and the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, there's a surprising amount going for an island with a population of about 900.


Not to mention just how picturesque the place is in general.

The naturally-formed 'Worm Hole'

Charming stone walls line the island

Houses at the edge of the world


Dun Aengus hill fort, dating from 1100BC

Want to experience a lesser seen corner of Ireland? Then get to Inishmore quicksmart.

Main image: Stefano_Valeri/

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