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01st Nov 2017

This Delicious Food Trend Will Apparently Be Huge In 2018


Some food trends that come to the UK and Ireland aren’t exactly the most appetising (does anyone like Matcha?!), but one new trend for 2018 is gonna be absolutely mouthwatering.

Waitrose has revealed in their 2017-18 food trend report that Asian cuisine is set to be huge, with one variation in particular becoming popular.

We’ll all be chowing down on Indian street food…

Waitrose says: “Say ‘namaste’ to tapas-style Indian street food. Forget heavy sauces and chicken tikka masala, this trend is about smoked, grilled or seared delicacies, such as scallops in pickled ginger. 

“Food trucks selling puris stuffed with zingy vegetables and drizzled in chutney could become a common sight. The cuisine lends itself to hybrids, such as spiced burgers or lamb keema tacos. It’s Indian food like you’ve never seen it.”

Get the image of the heavy Indian takeaway in your local village out of your mind, because the freshly cooked snacks and vibrant flavours that are found in Indian street food in Mumbai and Delhi are out of this world.

Fingers crossed this really catches on here.

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