This Is The One Thing You Should Never Do On A Plane

Oh my

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If you're anything like us then the very first thing you do when you settle into your seat (window, plz), on a plane is reach up your little paw and turn that awful air conditioning nozzle allll the way OFF.

No ice cold air blasting down on me for the entire journey, thank you very much.

Apparently though, that's one of the worst things you can do for your health whilst flying, according to Travel & Leisure, who spoke to Dr. Mark Gendreau, an expert on airborne diseases, about it.

“For airborne viruses, it is incredibly important to ventilate, since ventilation becomes your main means of control besides isolating the affected person,” he said, adding that “as a rule of thumb, the air that you’re typically breathing and exposed to is usually anywhere from two to five rows surrounding your seat."


Dr Gendreau wentc on to explain that tiny little viruses, such as the common cold and TB, can hang around in the air for up to five hours.

By using your air vent though, the air blasting on your face creates an invisible barrier that prevents the nuclei of the viruses from getting through. Meaning although you'll be feckin' freezing, you will be free from infection.

We think we will just wrap a scarf over our mouth and risk being warm and cosy...

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