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01st Nov 2017

This Isolated Cabin Is Designed To Give You The Most Relaxing Holiday Ever


Do you have a fairly hectic life? You might want to plan an escape to Sweden…

The 72 Hour Cabin is a Swedish initiative, where people with some of the world’s most stressful jobs were invited to experience Sweden’s ‘close to nature’ lifestyle, to see what effect it had on their well-being. 

Located on a small island, visitors are handed a map on arrival to the cabins, as well as a flashlight, eye mask, water bottle, cup, roll of toilet paper, and a sleeping bag.

You also get to chill out in saunas on the island, and go fishing.

You can stay in this glass cabin in Sweden for up to 72 hours…

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And it’s been proven to decrease stress by 70%

Year after year, Sweden takes first place in international rankings of countries with the best quality of life, and the government reckoned it had something to do with being so at one with nature.

How could you be anything but relaxed sleeping here under the stars?

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You can book the cabin here, and we’re not gonna lie – all that relaxing comes at a price.

It’s €685 for one person to experience the cabin, with meals included. Is it worth it? You’ll have to try it to find out…

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