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05th Oct 2017

This Countryside Gem Is Where You’ll Find The Best Steak In Ireland


A good steak is one of the true joys in life (I like to savour the littler things obvs), and when you find somewhere that consistently delivers time and time again with mouthwatering flavour and tender, succulent meat, you’ve won a rare jackpot.

Steak can go wrong for many reasons – either the meat itself isn’t tender enough, or it’s lacking in flavour and you’re relying on the accompanying sauce to add some excitement. That’s the worst.

The best however, I assure you, is actually found in an unassuming restaurant in Meath, hidden away on the Ashbourne to Slane road.

The Snailbox recently won Best Gastro Pub in Meath, a testament to its incredible food, but to be honest even the word gastro pub is underselling just how fantastic the grub here really is.

I’ve been going to this place for at least ten years with family and it’s never let the Carnivore Clayton’s down when it comes to an incredible feast.

Their steak is locally sourced and served with a choice of potatoes (chips or the garlic baby ones if they’re on the menu that day is my shout) sautéed onions and mushrooms, and your choice of garlic butter, pepper or mushroom sauce.

They do sirloin (286g) for €21.95 and fillet (286g) for €28.95, and the steak is always cooked perfectly. Although if you’re asking for anything above medium it’s wasted on you tbh, because meat this good deserves to show off how juicy and delish it is with a solid medium-rare.

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A recent Rib Eye special

Warm and as welcoming as if it was your own family home, The Snailbox doesn’t pretend to have any airs or graces about it, relying instead on sincere and friendly hospitality and its excellent menu to entice people inside.

The restaurant itself is packed to the rafters with a quirky collection of baseball caps from all over the world, with more than 4,500 caps from every corner of the globe hanging from the ceiling, adding a splash of colour to the otherwise traditional decor.

The hats also provide endless viewing while waiting on your dinner – it’s always a bonus to be distracted from your rumbling tummy.

You won’t find this spot mentioned in any trendy steak bucket list, but sometimes the best places are the ones locals keep to themselves, and that’s certainly the way it is here.

When restaurants rely solely on quality food and service without the fuss they have to be confident that they’re delivering the goods, and The Snailbox delivers perfection each and every time.

Next time you’re drooling over the thoughts of a mouthful of pure Irish beef, hop in the car to here and rest assured you’ll soon be happily gorging on the best steak to be found in Ireland.

No fuss, all the flavour. The Snailbox will soon become your failsafe feasting friend.

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