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13th Jul 2017

WATCH: This Secret Cove Is One Of Ireland’s Best Places To Be On A Sunny Day


It’s always scary AF making yourself jump headfirst off of a cliff into the nippy water below, but there’s no better way to cool off and have the absolute craic on a sunny day in Ireland.

The feeling of pure freedom when crashing into the sea just can’t be beaten, so that last thing you want is for your little cliff to be overrun with people with the same idea as you, meaning actual queues to jump off. Nah.

So where to head? 

Nohoval Cove near Kinsale in Cork is the ultimate hidden gem of cliff diving spots in Ireland, with good height and lotsa rocks for diving from.

Just see how slick this spot is…

Now all you gotta do is pack a little picnic and wait eagerly for the next heatwave…

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