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You Can Buy A House On This Stunning Mediterranean Island For Just €1

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Have you ever thought about getting away from it all and setting up shop in the sun? 

Well today’s your lucky day, because a beautiful village on the island of Sardinia is selling houses for just €1. 

Several hundred historic homes are up for grabs in Ollolai, which has seen its population dwindle from 2,250 to 1,300 over the years. 

Of course, there’s a catch – most of the homes are fairly run down, and it’ll cost you between €20,000 and €30,000 to fix them up. 

You have to carry out your renovations within three years and you can only sell the house after five. 

It’s still a pretty incredible deal, and the scheme has seen such interest from buyers all over the world that a deadline has now been introduced.

If you fancy a move you can submit an application here before this Wednesday.

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