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30th Jan 2020

You can get from Madrid to Barcelona for a tenner thanks to Spain’s new high-speed train

Sarah Finnan

low-cost train between Madrid and Barcelona

Bargain city.

Anyone who has ever contemplated travelling from Madrid to Barcelona will know that getting between the two can be a bit of a mare – not the most stress-free journey, it’s also usually quite expensive.

Not anymore though.

Lonely Planet reports that Spain’s state-owned rail company Renfe has launched a new low-cost, high-speed rail connection between Madrid and Barcelona.

Known as the AVLO, the service will begin operating between the popular Madrid to Barcelona route in April – offering users discounts of up to 60 per cent on the cost of the existing AVE train (which costs over €30 for a one-way ticket).

Tickets for the new service go on sale this Monday for as little as a fiver – mark your calendars if you’re planning a trip over to sunny Spain between April 6th and August 31st.

The initial €5 offer will only be available for 10 days though so best be quick – tickets will range from €10 to €60 thereafter depending on route and time of travel.

According to Spanish newspaper El País, passengers can bring an item of hand luggage and a handbag on board with them (extras will be charged for).

Time to start planning our summer adventures I think.

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