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27th Nov 2017

You Can Now Stay In An AirBnB Shaped Like An Actual Dog

James Fenton

Whenever anyone says to you that they’ve seen everything, you’re usually able to counter that they’ve never seen a house shaped like a dog. Not anymore.

This AirBnB in the United States appears to be just that. Located at the edge of Cottonwood in rural Idaho, the property is described as a “beagle-shaped one-unit inn” and it’s fair to say that we’re intrigued. 

Screen Shot 2017 11 27 At 20 00 57

For once, being in the doghouse is actually a good thing and you can stay in it for just €114 a night. 

While we’d love to spend a few nights in this fine example of 21st century architecture we were hoping we could stay there forever maybe?

Screen Shot 2017 11 27 At 20 20 45

The house is known as Dog Park Inn and has two bedrooms. It’s suitable for four people so choose wisely when it comes to rounding up your canine-obsessed mates. 

Screen Shot 2017 11 27 At 20 23 49

The best part is you can go full meta and bring your furry friend with you at a cost of $15 and however much it takes to fly your pooch across the Atlantic Ocean. It’d be like a doggy version of Inception.

Screen Shot 2017 11 27 At 20 34 23

The hosts Frances and Dennis are described in the comments as “the most likable people you could ever meet” but that’s kind of obvious because they own a dog-shaped house. 

Screen Shot 2017 11 27 At 20 27 16
Screen Shot 2017 11 27 At 20 28 34

The home has expansive views of prairie grain fields and surrounding mountains which look spectacular…

Screen Shot 2017 11 27 At 20 30 33

If you’re not suitably convinced but let’s face it, you obviously are, you can check out more information here.

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