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10th Jun 2017

103 Historical Italian Buildings Are Being Given Away For Free To People Under 40


Haven’t you always felt like you deserve to have your very own Italian castle? We certainly have.

The Italian government-run State Property Agency is giving an extremely rare opportunity to people under the age of 40 to bag their very own historical Italian building — likes castles, towers and monasteries — from a list of 103 properties.

They’re looking for entrepreneurial types who can take an old site and turn it into a prospering tourist destination. You’re asked to submit an idea for a property and explain how you would transform it for the better.

Want to turn an Italian castle in a luxurious hotel? Then pitch that idea! Although that’s my idea, so you can’t use that one. 

Applications will be accepted until June 26. For more info on the properties in this scheme and how to apply, simply click HERE.

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