17 Photos That Prove Galway Is Too Beautiful For Words

Nowhere else comes close


When it comes to counties in Ireland, one that offers the best in scenery, people, food and craic simply has to be Galway.

From the relatively small city, to the sprawling reaches of the county, there's just no end to its magificence. And here are 17 photos that absolutely prove that fact.

1. The views in Connemera are like this

2. You could live in a little cottage like this

3. Some of the best restaurants in Ireland are in Galway

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4. Then there are the oysters and the oyster festival

5. These guys

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6. You'll find countless beaches here to call your own

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7. The villages along the coast like Roundstone are a joy to behold

8. The islands aren't bad either

9. Nothing beats a good old live music session in an a Galway pub

10. Being here for the Galway races is one of the best weeks you'll ever have

11. You'll never be short of great sport to watch

12. Eyre Square comes alive at Christmas

13. You can stay in castles like this one in Ballynahinch

14. You'll be able to catch a decent wave or two

15. There is no better place to spend time with friends

16. You'll see some of the best sunsets you have ever seen in Galway

17. Galway. The best county in Ireland. No doubt about it.

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