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20th Dec 2016

21 Brunches In Europe You Must Try Before You Die

Dylan Varian

Everyone loves a good brunch, we even wrote about the best 6 you can get in New York. But now comes the real challenge. Who does the best brunch in Europe? Well here’s the top 21.

1. Balthazar. London, England.


The French brasserie-inspired menu will include a wide selection of classical French brasserie and bistro dishes together with an artisan boulangerie.

2. Farmer Browns. Dublin, Ireland.


Sometimes you just feel like a dirty big burger to clear the night before, and the farmer burger hits the spot.

3. Cafe Bang & Jensen. Copenhagen, Denmark


Located in the posh end of Istedgade, this former pharmacy houses a delightful café that is very popular with the Vesterbro locals.

4. Bułkę przez Bibułkę. Warsaw, Poland.


We have no clue how to pronounce, or even what the translation of this restaurant’s name is – but according to Google translate it’s something to do with toilet paper and/or cigarettes. Either way they do the damn best brunch in Warsaw and their scrambled eggs are to die for.

5.La Rotonde. Prague, Czech republic


Best to book this one, and bring the cheque book. Expensive – but worth it.

6. Čarlstons Restaurant. Riga, Latvia


Who doesn’t love a good BBQ for brunch? Hit this place up and you’re in for a damn good time.

7. Home Sweet Home. Manchester, England


This much-loved venue’s cheeseburger toastie is the stuff of Manchester legend. If you’ve space, wash it down with a boozy shake.

8. DosTrece. Barcelona, Spain


They have brunch classics such as eggs Benedict, American crepes, French toast and damn they’re delicious. Without a doubt the best brunch place to go in Barcelona.

9. Les Enfants Perdus. Paris, France.

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For €25 no fewer than three platters are brought to you. The first comprises delicious mini-viennoiseries, house orange juice and hot drinks of your choosing; the second features shirred eggs, cake, a beautiful slice of organic salmon on a bed of salad and a cup of cucumbers in white cheese with mint.

10. Grilleriet. Oslo, Norway.

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This place does the best breakfast buffet in town is sure not to dissapoint you for brunch.

11. Chipps. Berlin, Germany.


Easily the best breakfast in Berlin. They do all sorts of food and the place doubles as an art gallery (as only a restaurant in Berlin could) but you need to come here at the weekend to try their pancakes, eggs and everything else on the menu.

12. Bakery House. Rome, Italy.


All the brunch usuals, and top quality pasties. What more could you ask for?

13. La Fabrique. Brussels, Belgium.

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Brunch. Buffet. Just what that hangover needs.

14. Salt Bistro. Belfast, Ireland.

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Salt Bistro’s intimate dining space serves local provenance food in its chic yet casual surroundings.

15. Das Gaumenspiel. Munich, Germany.

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Little Salads, fresh and juicy with fruits and nuts and just delicious, can go with a freshly daily soup or a quiche. Worth a trip if you’re around Munich.

16. Toma Café. Madrid, Spain.


Toma Café also has the best coffee in Madrid. And their brunch is just as good. We can’t recommend this place enough.

17. Vagabund. Zagreb, Croatia.


This place is actually pretty quiet most of the time and I really don’t know why. The food here is amazing, the staff are lovely and it’s all reasonably priced. Who doesn’t like a good pizza?

18. Maus Habitos. Porto, Portugal.


Very underrated spot. This place serves one of the best brunches in all of Europe and they’ve everything on offer. From the usual english sides like bacon and beans to the more traditional potugese dishes.

19. The Handlebar. Athens, Greece.

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The Handlebar is on a quiet side street in Psyrri. With dishes such as kedgeree with smoked trout, freshly baked scones with homemade jam, a variety of sandwiches and flapjacks with raisins, just to mention a few. Without a doubt a place you have to get to at some point in your life!

20. Belle Vue Bistro. Swansea, Wales.

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If you’re looking for a top quality place to grab brunch in Swansea, Wales – this is the place to go. They’ve got everything you could want for brunch all right there for you. Just look at the Double Belle Burger above…

21. Restaurant Terrazza Danieli. Venice, Italy.


This one is a bit more expensive than the rest, but it’s well worth it. This is easily the best brunch in Venice and, sadly, you will have to pay for that quality of stuff. Sadly too brunch is only on a Sunday here – but it’s a nice way to treat yourself.