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21 Burgers In European Cities You Have To Try Before You Die

By niallharbison

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


We often make lists profiling the best burgers in places like Amsterdam, Berlin and Dublin but today we wanted to take things a step further and give you the definitive list of burgers from across Europe to try before you die. There is a little bit of everything here and we'd suggest you give up the day job, rent a car and go touring around beautiful Europe this summer and do them all within a couple of weeks!

1.Cock’s & Cows - Copenhagen Denmark

You really get the full dining experience when you visit any of their three locations from the amazing cocktails right through to the massive burgers that will leave you completely satisfied. Wonderful branding and amazing atmosphere.


2.Bydło i Poidło - Warsaw, Poland

With a name that translates as "cattle and troughs", this restaurant seems to be quite confident in its understanding of the journey from field to plate. Though they offer interesting veggie options, this place is quite clearly aimed at meat connoisseurs in offering a range of different cuts from Poland, Argentina, Scotland and Italy as well as a waiting staff equipped with the knowledge of what wines go best with each.


3.Patty & Bun - London, England

It takes some burger to be named the best one in the capital but we have absolutely no qualms giving Patty & Bun that title. The burgers do of course taste amazing (keep the order simple would be our advice) but they also look outstanding with perfect branding and the whole package feels authentic without being too up market. Extra marks for having their own food truck which they take on the road and serve their burgers to festival goers.


4.The Tavern - Prague, The Czech Republic

Without doubt the best burger in town, The Tavern is a teeny tiny burger bar opposite Riegrovy Sady. Not only do they serve up amazing American-style burgers, but their cocktails are to die for. Great combo eh? Make sure you make a reservation to avoid disappointment cause this place is always super busy. Bonus marks for their delicious curly fries.

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5.Street Burgers - Riga, Latvia

If you're in the market for an epic, monstrous burger experience that makes you feel like you're experiencing serious burger porn then head to Street Burgers. And even though most of us are meat lovers, we recommend you try out their vegetarian option - The Portobello. You can also avail of free refills and they serve cold beer on draft. ....And they do home delivery if you're just too lazy to get out of the house. Get down to Street Burgers stat!

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6.Reds True BBQ - Manchester, England

They've got all the American themes going here and the burgers don't disappoint. All come with pickles and proper American mustard. Amazing taste but a tad pricey at around 12-15 quid but an absolute must have for a treat.


7.El Filete Ruso - Barcelona, Spain

It's safe to say, these guys don't do burgers in half measures. We like to call them 'elite burgers' cause they're like the American Hamburger's posh cousin serving up quality gourmet burgers. Make sure this place is on your bucket list.

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8.Le Camion Qui Fume - Paris, France

French is the home of great food over the centuries and this food truck that supplies amazing burgers is the talk of the town. Track it down and eat one of their amazing burgers and your life will change forever.


9.Illegal Burger - Oslo, Norway

This well-established venue has for quite some time been considered the best burger in the city, receiving plaudits from both Norwegian and international critics. Gourmet fast food; unbeatable value. Brave the queues!


10.Dublin, Ireland - Bunsen

Right here in the home city of this publication and we've eaten enough of these incredible burgers to feed a small army over the years. They keep it simple with a tiny menu and focus on the meat being an incredible quality.


11.Bunsmobile - Berlin, Germany

The most popular food truck in Berlin. Follow them via their site and social media and always expect new flavours and awesome toppings. Half of the excitement is in seeing where they will pop up next!


12.Coromandel - Rome, Italy

Unlike most of the other spots on the list this is actually a super high end restaurant. Their burgers are like a work of art and come with outrageous toppings like Truffle.


13.Burger Republic - Brussels, Belgium

A classic spot where you can get good quality simple burgers without tons of fuss and mad toppings you get in other places. The focus here is on great meat and the bread is probably as good as you'll find for a burger joint. Perfect baps.


14. Home Restaurant - Belfast, Ireland.

Half a pound of beef, pickle, onion, mayo and cheese. Doesn't sound too special but it bloody well is.


15.Burger House - Munich, Germany

The place you'll want to go to on the list if you want a serious challenge and big portions. The triple decker in the picture below being a prime example of that. 3 Locations around Munich and starting to expand into other cities now too.


16.New York Burger - Madrid, Spain

They take inspiration from possibly the burger capital of the word when naming their restaurant and they don't let the side down either. Huge big juicy burgers and a couple of locations around town to choose from.


17.Burgeraj - Zagreb, Croatia

Come with an appetite as the burgers here come in all shapes and sizes and you'll leave feeling satisfied. They also have a huge choice of good IPA beers so the perfect place to come on a weekend.


18.Bugo The Art Burger - Porto, Portugal

As the name would suggest theburgers here are nearly like works of art. While they have some classics they also push the boat out with some made combinations and the crips on the side are to die for.


19.The Burger Joint - Athens, Greece

The Greeks might be having a hard time with their economy in general but that doesn't mean they have lost their appetite for great burgers. These amazing American style burgers come with great toppings and a lively atmosphere.


20.The Smoke Haus - Swansea, Wales

It's all about smoking food in here and when it comes to burgers that means huge flavours and portions. Extra marks for putting little flags of politicians in the baps.


21.Ellis Gourmet Burger - Brussels, Belgium

They have multiple locations around Belgium and even their recently launched food truck. The burgers here are precise and full of flavour with interesting toppings and a fine dining feel to them even though served in laid back fun locations.



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