21 European Places You Have To Visit Before You Turn 30

Travel gets harder with a family, work, and other commitments. Go to these amazing places while you can!


While you can spend your whole life traveling there is no doubt that it can be easier when you are younger with less annoying things like mortgages, bills and families to tie you down.

We've picked 27 of the all time best places to visit in Europe before you turn 30...

1. Louvain - Brussels

Small student town just outside Brussels that is teaming with young people, cheap but great quality beer and a constant party scene.

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2. Florence - Italy

Full of culture, great food and stuff to see. It's also a stop on the backpacker tours so the bars and clubs are brilliant fun.

3. Island Hopping - Greece

Choose from any of the hundreds of islands and just buy yourself a ferry pass and sleep on the beaches by day and party all night.

4. Dublin - Ireland

A city being reborn after a bad recession and full of great bars, friendly locals and more pints of Guinness than you could probably ever imagine (or drink)!

5. Reykjavik - Iceland

Dotted up as North as you could go the people here are liberal, love to party and some of the scenery to see is like something from another planet. Incredible.

6. Dubrovnik - Croatia

A must visit at any time of year but especially in the summer when the party scene lights up. Seems to be a special atmosphere as people have only been living freely for a couple of decades. Very popular with the yacht week crowd.

7. Ibiza - Spain

Couldn't really leave the party capital of Europe off the list now could we?! From the opening parties in May through to end of season in September you'll never not have fun here.

8. Mayrhofen - Austria

Once a quiet skiing village, Mayrhofen is now one of the party capitals of Europe... during the winter months. Expect world class DJs, top slopes and a week of sheer fun.

9. Edinburgh, Scotland

A creative hub that is best known for the festival but come her at anytime of the year to live it up and enjoy their world class nightlife and friendly locals.

10. Budapest, Hungary

The city is bisected by the River Danube and this is a super place to come on a budget. Try the baths by day and the wild party scene at night time.

11. Rotterdam - the Netherlands

Most people head for the capital Amsterdam but this is a city bursting full of young people, culture, lovely clean streets and endless bars and clubs to hit up.

12. Hvar Island, Croatia

An Island in the Adriatic Sea, located off the Dalmatian coast, it is fast catching up with Ibiza as one of the places for the cool young people to head to and lap up the good vibes.

13. Belgrade, Serbia

Totally undiscovered by most Europeans but the city has been reborn after the war and is starting to flourish. Cheap and an incredible dance and bar scene.

14. Krakow, Poland

One of the biggest nightlife hubs in Europe with plenty of history to see during the day if you do make it out of bed.

15. Lisbon - Portugal

Beautiful cultured city with gorgeous streets and public squares but also a magical nightlife that gets going late into the evening.

16. Barcelona - Spain

Hardly an undiscovered gem but if you haven't been you simply have to go. Brilliant things to do by day, an incredible beach and parties long into the night.

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17. Berlin - Germany

Easily the coolest city in Europe and a Mecca for young people from all over. From the club scene to the monuments and hip bars there is something for everybody here.

18. Riga - Latvia

A magical little city that can be like a fairytale in winter and which comes alive during the summer months. Great shops, bars and clubs.

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19. Copenhagen - Denmark

A city that oozes cool, has wonderful design and which is fast becoming one of the must stop places for young people (and foodies) in Europe.

20. Nice - France

Slotted in between the overpriced Monaco and Cannes this is a little bit of Riviera living for the young at heart on more of a budget!

21. Gothenburg - Sweden

A perfect little slice of Nordic life all assembled into one beautiful city where the people are cool, the bars plentiful and the scenery stunning.

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