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20th Dec 2016

21 Of The Best Craft Beer Pubs In Europe You Must Visit Before You Die

Dylan Varian

Everyone loves a good craft beer now a days, especially ourselves. So we’ve decided to put together a list of these incredible places around Europe who offer just some of the best beer the world has to offer.

1. The Black Sheep. Dublin, Ireland

A Galway Bay Brewery pub, this is the place to be if you’re looking for something on cask.


2. Craft Beer Company. London, England.

With 37 beers on draught and over 300 in the fridge this is a pub that is packed to the rim with craft beers and it’s amazing. Well worth taking a look.


3. Port Street Beer House. Manchester, England

These folks a serious arsenal of beers behind the bar and it’s amazing. If you’re in Manchester you have to head along to this place.


4. The Hudson Bar. Belfast, Ireland

Beer, whiskey, food and disco. What more could you ask for in a pub? And they’re kind of known for their massive beer list. Just ask the staff for recommendations.


5. Moeder Lambic. Brussels, Belgium.

Belgian beers, belgian beers and more belgian beers. That’s what you’ll be offered in this place and man is it a beer lovers paradise. Your mouth will drool just at the sight of the beers on tap.


6. Brouwerij ‘t IJ. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Modern brewery next to a windmill producing organic blonde & dark beers & running short tours.

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7. Mikkeller Bar. Copenhagen, Denmark

At Mikkeller Bar you find 15 taps from Mikkeller and the world’s best breweries, cheese, snacks and a specialized bottled selection. Ten of the taps are Mikkeller’s own brew.


8. Monterey Bar. Berlin, Germany

At Monterey Bar you’ll find one of the most relaxed craft beer pubs Berlin. They stock over 80 craft beers in bottles and draught and a big selection of whiskey.

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9. Augustiner Bräustuben. Munich, Germany.

his huge beer hall provides good atmosphere, great booze and cheap food. What more can you really ask for?


10. Beer Palace. Oslo, Norway.

In summer sit outside, enjoy the beer and watch people pass by. After a walk around Aker Brygge this is the best place to sit and relax with a beer.


11. Villa Marietta. Athens, Greece.

It offers a warm retro interior and a cosy garden where you can enjoy with friends some of the most delicious German finger food and high quality beer.


12. Ma che siete venuti a fà. Rome, Italy.

Serves the best in local and imported craft beers from 12 different tap. It also has a fridge full of beers that are also to die for. This narrow, Roman beer dive, is well worth taking a trip to.

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13. A la bière comme à la bière. Paris, France.

Easily Paris’ best craft beer pub. If you’re in Paris this is the place to check out.

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14. Same Fusy. Warsaw, Poland

Known for possibly the best craft beer in all of Warsaw. It has a great range of Polish craft beer on tap which you can sit back and enjoy,


15. Prague Beer Museum pub. Prague, Czech Republic.

Non-brewery affiliated pub with over 30 beers on tap at any one time & a menu of Czech bar snacks.

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16. Bierhaus. Riga, Latvia

Previously known as ALEhouse this place is without a doubt one of the best places in Europe for a pint of the cold stuff. And they also serve up some amazing munch too.

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17. Cervecería BIERCaB BCN. Barcelona, Spain.

This is easily one of the best looking bars on this entire list. The simplistic design of the bar makes it look slightly hipstery but damn it looks good. They also have a major selection of craft beers for you to try out.

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18. Fábrica Maravillas. Madrid, Spain.

Opening in 2012 and voted by as the best brewpub in Spain. You have to check this place out!

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19. Tolkien’s House. Zagreb, Croatia.

It’s named after Tolkein. C’mon. This is the best place ever for a pint of craft beer while soaking in the atmosphere of Middle Earth,

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20. Cerveteca Lisboa. Lisbon, Portugal.

One of Lisbons finest and there guys know their stuff when it comes to beer.

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21. The Mad Monk. Cork, Ireland.

The Mad Monk’s staff are by far some of the best I’ve ever come across when it comes to staff who know their shit about craft beer. Just tell them what you’re in the mood for and they’ll recommend either something from one of their many taps or something from the big pile of beer they’ve got stacked in the fridge.


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