4 Absolutely Gorge Places You Can Stay Overnight In On The Aran Islands

Aran't you glad we wrote this?


Staycation away, while also feeling like you've left the country with a lovely trip to the Aran Islands. 

Beautiful beyond belief, this trio of land-masses boasts pretty much everything you could ever want from a trip away.

Fun, scenic routes and bucket-loads of craic – the islands show you what Ireland was like 50 years ago, and we absolutely love it. 

1. Kilronan Hostel

Located directly beside the pier on Inis Mór, you'll spot Kilronan Hostel before you even mount the island. 

The perfect place to stay if you want to enjoy the magic and serenity of the Aran Islands as the hostel boasts unbeatable views of Kilronan Harbour and the Atlantic Ocean. It's a 100% stress-free zone for those lucky enough to venture there. 

It's close to the shops, bars, an ATM and restaurant - you can't really go too wrong with Kilronan Hostel.


2. South Aran House

Attached to a restaurant run by food lovers, South Aran House is located right on the edge of the sea, and is owned by proprietors Enda and Maria, who are as welcoming as can be. 

The food is unbelievable, the hostel is clean and lovely, and you can watch the sun go down from your room. Heaven. 

It also doubles as a cookery school - so expect incredible smells from the get-go.


3. Kilmurvey House

Located on the path leading up to Dún Aengus, this grand 18th-century stone mansion boasts a gorgeous setting with 12 wildly impressive and well-maintained rooms. 

Hearty and filling meals are made for you each day, using vegetables from the garden, as well as fresh, local fish and meats. 

A pretty, local beach is just a short walk from the house which is perfect for swimming. 

4. Tigh Ruairi

Fun, friendly and full of tunes - this atmospheric pub is perfect for a lively few days of all things music-filled and fancy-free. The pub is cosy and usually full of super-sound punters, always with an interesting story or twelve. A great spot to either let loose or unwind. 

Oh, and they do yoga. Lots of it. 

Tigh Ruairi

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