€62 Flights From Ireland To The US May Be Coming Soon

Cheap trip to the States, anyone?

Plane In The Air

Oh we do love a good deal, and they don't get much better than this: a transatlantic flight for only €62.

Oh yes my friends, this is what the good folks at Norwegian Air Shuttle are saying will be available from next year.

The airline will be flying from Cork to Boston from March of next year, and fares have been promised to drop as low as $69/€62 once their fleet of 100 Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes is up and running.

Norwegian's Chief Commercial Officer Thomas Ramdahl said,

I can promise you that you will see transatlantic flights on the 737 Max next year. And that’s when you will see the $69 fares.

No word yet on when that'll be exactly, but it'll March 2017 is the earliest that new transatlantic services from Norwegian can take off, according to Niall McCarthy, Cork Airport's Managing Director.

To follow updates from Norwegian, check out their Facebook page here

H/T Independent.ie.

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