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22nd Dec 2016

A Definitive List Of The Best Cheeses To Put In Your Cheese Course


Everyone knows the most important part of any meal is the cheese. As the holiday season approaches, show off your cheese game and put together the perfect platter.

We decided to help all you who are struggling with life’s most important question: quelle fromage?

We’ve ranked ten common cheeses from best to worst depending on their suitability for the cheese course.

The most important consideration: Will the choice work solo on a sturdy cracker?

1. Brie

The classic cheese course pairing. The perfect texture to cut a slice of and put straight on a cracker, with a strong enough taste to stand on its own, while mild enough that it doesn’t turn anyone off. Plus eating brie makes you feel fancier than eating cheddar.


2. Mature cheddar

Mature cheddar has a great strong taste, and you can get some fantastic ones. Good texture and the taste is a perfect match for a glass of wine.

Mature Cheddar

3. Camembert

While best eaten warm and melty, Camembert is a soft, strong tasting cheese that goes great on any cheese platter.


4. Wensleydale with cranberries

Controversial choice, but if you like this type of cheese it jumps straight to the top of the list for you. It’s a sweet, creamy cheese – perfect for an after-dinner snack. Plus the cranberries add a festive touch at Christmas. 

The only downside – it’s so crumbly that it falls off your cracker erry damn time. 


5. Gubbeen

This Irish cheese is medium flavoured with a kind of nutty salted taste. It’s pretty nice but I don’t think anyone is going to go ‘where’s the Gubbeen?!’ if it’s missing. Also crumbly.


6. Goat’s cheese

Goat’s cheese is great. 

It goes well with salads, pastas, pizzas, burgers… pretty much anything. But on its own it can be a little plain, hence the position on this list. It’s still one of the firm favourites among cheese lovers.

Goats Cheese

7. Cheddar

A boring choice but a safe one. You can’t go too far wrong with cheddar.


8. Gorgonzola

A creamy blue cheese. Some people might be turned off by mouldy cheese, but this is perfect for someone who loves strong tastes.


9. Manchego

A rubbery cheese that’s a little bland. Best left for tapas. 


10. Cashel blue

Realistically, too strong tasting for most people to eat alone on a cracker. Also, really crumbly.

Cashel Blue

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