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20th Dec 2016

9 Stunning Retreats In Ireland To Recharge Your Batteries

Alana Laverty

We all need some ‘me’ time now and again.

If you’re stressed the fuck out because of work, college or life’s just getting you down – a retreat could be the answer to all of your problems. 

So mute your Tinder notifications, pop on some yoga pants and go find your zen.

Namaste bitches!

The Cliffs of Moher

Is there anywhere more gorgeous on our little island? This retreat looks absolutely unreal. It offers regular yoga, hot yoga, anti-gravity aerial yoga, hiking and cooking. Sure, you’d never wanna leave with all that.

Their yoga studio looks out over the Atlantic Ocean at Liscannor Bay, with breathtaking views. 

They have an on-site therapy room where you can get massages and other treatments to treat yo self. Just thinking about that makes me feel relaxxxxed. 

Cliffs Of Moher 2
Cliffs Of Moher 5
Cliffs Of Moher 3
Cliffs Of Moher 4

Digital Detox – Dunderry, Co. Meath

This one aims to reduce stress and anxiety, increase your creativity and strengthen your relationships. *gasps* Could this be the solution to every problem ever?

Kinda sounds too good to be true, but there is research to back it up on their site so it MUST be legit. 

They offer laughter yoga (which sounds bloody amazing!), storytelling, gong baths, falconry (yes, birds), nature walks, foraging, drumming and baking.

Download 1
Download 2

The Burren

This eco yoga retreat is tucked away in the beautiful Burren. 

They encourage people to come on their own, which is kinda sound because it can’t be easy to convince your mates to fork out €300 for a weekend of mindfulness meditation. 

The Aillwee caves are just around the corner so you can go for a gawk, and they offer kayaking, surfing, hill-walking and guided tours of the Wild Atlantic Way. Like, that honestly just sounds like THE DREAM. 

G’wan, go hide away in the feckin’ Burren.

Burren 1
Burren 2
Burren 3

The Bright Wild Cottage – Connemara

Here’s what a typical day at this retreat consists of:

7am – tea ceremony and chanting, 

8am – yoga and relaxation

~ little rest at the cottage ~

12pm – it’s time to harvest seaweed! 

1pm – smoothie or salad

1.30pm – shoreline “trek”, 

4pm – more smoothies or salads

5pm – yoga or spirit circle 

8.30pm – seaweed foot baths with holistic foot massages

Instead of meditation they practice medicatation, which is basically meditation but without “uncomfortable body positions, attitudes of seriousness, internal battles, pious aspirations or long faces.”

Sounds like our kind of retreat! Honestly, just check out their website.


Ard Nahoo – Co. Leitrim

These wind-powered eco cabins are nestled in the hills of Leitrim and have been featured on National Geographic, Harper’s Bazaar and Lonely Planet! 

If you’re looking for a legit, middle-of-nowhere yoga retreat this is it. 

The cabins are insulated with hemp (of course) so you’ll be nice n cosy.

This perfect place also hosts healthy hen parties. Which includes an ‘uisce hour’, which at first I thought was like a power hour, but is in fact something very different. 

Ard Nahoo

Bellinteer House and Bathhouse

This place looks positively gorge and was actually designed by the same lads who designed our lovely Dáil – reaaaal fancy.

You can book into their spa for an entire day with prices ranging from €140 to €210, for everything from seaweed soaks and massages to a poolside lunch. 

If you’re familiar with the famous VOYA seaweed baths of Strandhill, Co. Sligo then you’re in luck because they have the very same in Bellinteer’s bathhouse. They also have outdoor hot tubs, rain fall showers and you can go fishing. 

They also have restaurants located in wine cellars and an old chapel, so you’ll genuinely never want to leave.

Screen Shot 2016 05 23 At 14 43 36
Spa 1
Drawing Room
Spa 3

Cloona Health Retreat

Ok, this one caters for pretty much every kind of retreat under the sun. 

Cloona provide a place where you can balance your mind, body and spirit, restore your energy, quit smoking, lose weight, do juice fasting, eat raw foods and flush your liver. We’ll take one of each, please!

You can find ’em just outside of Westport in Mayo, and also in Italy, Spain and Portugal. 

Cloona Italy

Wild Atlantic Way Yoga

These guys offer a ‘clown yoga retreat’ in West Cork that actually sounds terrific. They want you to tap into your inner eejit through acting the clown, and apparently it’s a brilliant way to destress. 

The course costs €150 and consists of a mixture of “clown, circus skills, yoga, tai chi and nature connection”.

If anything, it’s a bitta craic and chill time, which we all need. Badly.

The Farmhouse With Sea View
Wild Atlantic Way Yoga

Yoga Sleep Retreat – Lisnavagh, Co. Carlow

Last, but certainly not least is the magnificent Lisnavagh House and Gardens.

This place looks beautiful, has be seen to be believed so go on and creep on their website. It’s like something out of Downton Abbey!

And did we mention that it’s a sleep retreat? Dreams do come true guys. 

Screen Shot 2016 05 23 At 15 33 36
Lisnavagh Gallery 032 W720
Screen Shot 2016 05 23 At 15 38 06
Screen Shot 2016 05 23 At 15 42 26

So, which will you choose to find inner peace?

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